Covid-19 Numbers Don’t Add Up ! We Need to Stop Counting and Start Lowering the Anxiety, Stress and Worry.

I was told once that Worry is internalized, Stress is physical and Anxiety is a combination of worry and stress. No help to many of us that are experiencing this level of anxiety as we try to hunker down, listen to our government and hope that this Covid-19 crisis is over soon.

I am looking at the frightening statistics that do not provide me with a sense that anyone really has a handle on the numbers, the actual amount of Covid-19 cases active worldwide, the amount of people that have survived this disease and the actual real number regarding how many deaths. Every media outlet use the word “ Confirmed Cases “ but do not tell you how in fact they are confirmed.

You are not getting these answers. In fact, the amount of people that have the virus is a best guess based on the WHO – World Health Organization, a political organization set up by the United Nations. Sine 1948 no American has ever been its Director General. The current leader Since 2017 is a doctor from Ethiopia, and the previous leader for 10 years was from China. They reported as fact everything that China told them, and use these obviously fake values in their statistics. In G_D we Trust – All Others Pay Cash.

It is obvious that China, without any vaccine or treatment and 1.5 billion people had more than 70,000 cases – yet they are listed as #5 as to the amount of cases by country by WHO. Maybe they were using a cheap calculator, that simply stopped working at 70,000 – or they lied to their own people, the world and WHO, to hide the devastation of Covid-19.

According to the WHO, North Korea, a country that trades extensively with China. must be the safest place on the earth since they have reported nothing.

WHO gives the values to the media, and the media pass them on to us without verification, or putting at least an asterisks beside them to notify us that they haven’t. They should say “ These numbers are not verified and DON’T RELY on them”. Instead the stream of numbers that don’t add up continues, telling us the amount of cases worldwide and how many people died as if they counted every body themselves. No one knows this exact number – not one person. You simply cannot report CONFIRMED CASES , without confirming them.

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As of this morning , April 3, 2020 8 am, The NY Times says : The pandemic has sickened more than a million people across 171 countries, according to official counts. As of this morning, at least 52,000 have died. However, the. WHO says : Globally 896 450 confirmed 45 525 deaths. Fox and CNN have different numbers as well.

Many people are using the website which understate the amount of cases in the world, and China. The source of the website, with a link at the bottom of the webpage is :

That’s right. The communist government in China that is managing the figures! WHO should be WTF !

Even our local media is giving us the a tally of how many people have Covid-19, and it does not add up. On Channel 10, they do a daily count, indiciating today for instance, that there are 46 people in Coral Springs that have tested positive for the virus. What they are not telling us is how many have had the virus, and are now ‘cured’ . ( I know of at least 1 person that has recovered) . Every website from local media, has different numbers or numbers that are not up to date. It is impossible to provide accurate numbers when the statistics keep changing.

They are not testing everyone – only the people that show the symptoms and politicians and professional Athletes.

My take is that there is no way anyone really knows just how many people have the virus in this country or any other around the world. It is because you cannot test everyone, and even if you did, a person that didn’t have the virus at the point in time that you gave the test, does not mean they cannot have it a few days later. The testing would have to be continous, sort of putting a microchip in everyone to tell us the exact moment that anyone got this disease. The numbers therefore you see on the score board of the media is a bunch of nonsense. There is no absolute value. The only absolute value is how many people have died from the virus – And even this number is a best guess. We may never ever know exactly how many people actually had it.

Why is it so necessary to know how many people in the world have gotten Covid-19 if there is no way of confirming any of the numbers, and there is no way of trusting them anyway? What in G_d’s name can you do about it anyway ? Wash your hands – social distancing and change the channel on the TV or limit yourself to no more than 10 minutes of watching the horrifying spectacle happening on CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, and all of those other fear mongering, irresponsible news reporting stressing you out.

A 6.5 magnitude earthquake hit Idaho on Tuesday of this week. , Did you even know this ? One Miami station just reported this 8 hours ago. to report on it ! ( click hear)

Right now, the media should not be the source of panic, but the source of inspiration. Same deal with the White House, Senate, House, and every other political institution. It does no good to hype the nature of the problem that we already know is pretty bad. They are increasing stress on everyone, elevating anxiety, and doing absolutely nothing to help.

What we need now is to know about how many people had this virus and have recovered. That brings hope and reduces anxiety. Those are the numbers that need to be on the screen daily, along with any other number that can be actually verified. We don’t need a dart board.

Is there is any silver lining of this pandemic? How about something positive to focus on, since we can’t seem to be doing anything about what we cannot control. Here are some ideas :

  1. We are on the brink of starting with a new slate for all viruses. The 14 day incubation period is greater than almost all viruses – including the common cold and any other communicable diseases. If we are to stop Covid-19, in effect we are also stopping all of the others that have less incubation time. I am not sure how many lives will be saved into the future, but consider that 35,000 – 50,000 people die every year in this country from contracting the regular flu.
  2. Less air pollution – giving the earth some time to recover
  3. Waterways are clean – same as above.
  4. Less traffic = less traffic accidents
  5. Less crime – Not proven yet, but I am sure this is one of those statistics that will come out many months from now.
  6. We are all prepared for the hurricane season ( plenty of toilet paper)
  7. We will not allow our government to leave our guard down for future pandemics – G_d help anyone that says this is a hoax, or lowers the CDC budget.
  8. The same people that called the Coronavirus a Hoax, also said there is no such thing as Climate Change. Maybe this is a ‘come to Jesus’ moment for them.
  9. We will never look at toilet paper the same way anymore.
  10. For the first time ever, the world is united on a common cause affecting everyone everywhere – only good can come from this. We all now realize we really are on the same planet.
  11. The return of Drive-In theaters . With social distancing the only way to see the big screen movies are going to be in your own car. I can’t wait.
  12. Increase digital use by companies -Great use of Virtual Reality
  13. Use of Telemedicine – Acceptance by government which will also drive IoT devices that will facilitate all forms of testing
  14. Universal Health Care Acceptance – The same politicians that say you want to get the care that you want, realize the nonsense in their statements. Now they are talking about providing FREE healthcare to anyone that needs treatment for the virus = Universal Health Care ( Bernie was right).
  15. We will strive for independence from Chinese importation and perhaps not allow anyone to visit that country until they ban the eating of non-domesticated animals. No more eating bats or pangolins.
  16. Rapid deployment of vaccines and new types of treatments never before seen for any other diseases. ( This is a dream).
  17. has as much accurate information as any other media outlet ( Latest Story : Los Angeles Mayor Urges Residents to Wear Face Masks, Lose 15 Pounds, Maybe go Brunette )

Where we are today and where we be tomorrow, no one really knows. We will get through this hopefully shortly. Wash your hands often – keep your social distance – and if you are 65 or older – stay at home.

Author: HelpMeHoward