Coralsprings.com is a private website owned and operated by Howard Melamed.   The site debut was on January 15, 2000, and the first article was about the Covered Bridge.

In April of 2000 the city of Coral Springs challenged Howard Melamed concerning an article called the White Elephant where the article written pointed out severe problems with the contract for the Coral Springs Center of the Arts.  The city attorney threatened Howard Melamed, and Coralsprings.com with a potential lawsuit unless the article was pulled.  His claim was that it was interfering with the ability of the city commissions and city manager to negotiate with the current management company.   After pointing out in another article that displayed the city attorney letter,  that the 1st amendment of the USA constitution provide for the ability for anyone to critize government , the city attorney apologized.

Through  the first few years of the website, more article were written to the dismay of city commissioners, and Coralsprings.com quickly became the website citizens went to to see the real story as to what was happening.

On 9 – 12 2001 ,  Howard Melamed was at the Tara Gardens and was able to write a story concerning the fact that Mohammed Attah, the mastermind terrorist that planned the terrorist act on the World Trade Center, lived at Tara Gardens and left a few days earlier.  The article continues to be published every 9-11 as a reminded.

Several people have made offers to buy the site.   Howard Melamed continues to insist that selling it is not in the picture.  “ It’s just too much fun”.  The city did offer him $1 in April of 2000 to purchase the site.  The city commissioners at that time thought that the internet was not a big deal.

One  of the big features of the coralsprings.com domain name is that emails that would normally be sent to various people and departments in the city get sent to coralsprings.com, since the .com version is commonly entered instead of the city website coralsprings.org.  This has lead to several embarrassments over the past 18 years of operation, but , fair is fair.  All city communication is sunshine anyway so it is all public.

Howard Melamed continues to write both serious and satirical articles and publishes them on the website.  18 years in operation…..