Coral Springs, Florida, November 4, 2023: Non-resident entrepreneurs have identified certain areas within the City of Coral Springs as lucrative prospects for vacation rentals. Their sights are set on Running Brook Hills, a district where older, larger homes are situated on 2-acre lots. These properties were purchased at prices exceeding the market rates. However, they soon encountered city ordinances that imposed limitations on the operation of vacation rentals within our city.

The regulations were clear: converting a house into a hotel or utilizing it as a weekend wedding venue amounts to running a business without the necessary licensing in a tranquil neighborhood.

One such property stands at 4080 NW 100th Avenue. This street has  11 houses on it , with 3 of them designated as vacation rentals and 1 serving as a rehabilitation home. That means only 7 homes are Coral Springs citizens. The other 4 are businesses that have no interest in growing community relationships.

No one resides at 4080 NW 100th Avenue. During weekdays, it remains largely unoccupied. However, during the past few weekends, party trucks have frequently arrived on Fridays, unloading chairs and tables. This weekend, a tent has been erected with seating for 50 or more guests. Additionally, there’s a raised platform with a canopy for wedding ceremonies..

It’s important to note that vacation rentals are meant for a maximum of 16 people, and rentals should span 30 days.

The house, situated on a 2-acre lot, offers ample space for these gatherings. Naturally, there’s always a band or DJ playing music until the late evening or early morning hours.

Then comes the issue of parked cars. The street is quite narrow, and attendees at the weddings are parking on residents’ lawns. The driveway of the party house can accommodate only 8 cars, which is insufficient for the numerous guests. This particular event,  as you can see in the picture above,  they decide to park all of the cars on their grass.  This is not allowed as well, within the city of Coral Springs.  According to 18.4 (c) of the city statutes:

Parking restrictions on grass. Vehicles shall be required to park on paved or stabilized alternative parking surfaces. Parking shall be prohibited in all other areas.”

Front yard of homes are not designed  to support the vehicles, but made to support normal activities of people that live there.  As well, one automobile with a leaky fuel tank or oil spill will pollute the ground water.  That is why party venues are in commercial areas and require specific parking made for that type of business.

Owners Don’t Live at Party House

The owners of the Party Venue are listed as Georges W McNally and Fabienne Cadet.  Click on the Broward County Property Appraiser report on the right .

Notice that the  property does not have Homestead Exemption.  The mailing address for this  wedding venue is another residence in Cyrus Glen owned by the very same people.   You can only claim homestead exemption for your primary residence, which is the one you live in.  The owners claim exception at the Cyprus Glen property since obviously that is where they live, and not at the party venue on 100th Ave.

Property is Not  Zoned for Party Venue

Transforming a house into an event venue poses several issues. All the homes in the Running Brook Hills subdivision rely on septic tanks designed for regular occupancy. With so many people attending these events, the septic tanks are likely overflowing, potentially contaminating the groundwater. Furthermore, such events necessitate an adequate number of bathrooms as per the law, and no portable toilets were in sight at the event.

Zoning Prohibits Venue – No Business License

The house is consistently being used as an event venue , operating as a business. Any business activity requires licensing from the City of Coral Springs and Broward County. Typically, when a business license is issued, a fire inspection takes place. However, no such license has been recorded with either the city or the county. The Running Brook Hills subdivision is not zoned for commercial activity.

Hay Neighbor ! 

Living in peace and harmony with your neighbors is a cornerstone of community living.   These rental properties destroy the very fabric that makes communities great places to live in.

Safety is another pressing concern. Most of the time, these properties remain unoccupied. The absence of neighbors makes it challenging to watch out for one another.  There is no way to know who is supposed to be at any of these places.  Short term rentals , mean that no one has a stake in the community welfare.

We can only hope that the City of Coral Springs Code Enforcement department will take appropriate action against these types of venues, and at the very least, close down the operation at 4080 NW 100th avenue.

It is vital for the City Commission to intervene and ensure that houses in our neighborhoods align with the spirit of what our city was built upon: “Coral Springs, the best place to Live, Work, and Raise a Family.”

Regrettably, our neighborhoods are being disrupted by entrepreneurs who appear indifferent to the welfare of these communities.


Author: HelpMeHoward