CSPD SWAT Hop on Hop Off U.S. Marine Corps Blackhawk Helicopter Training Exercise at the Corporate Park

Corals Springs FL – 01/13/2020 – If you were in the Corporate Park of Coral Springs today, you were treated to a live training exercise of the Coral Springs Police Departments SWAT team and the United States Marine Corps BlackHawk helicopter. Apparently the exercise was aimed at providing some experience to the SWAT team in debarking and embarking a Black Hawk helicopter. As well, they obtained coordination training with the military style operations. Clearly seen with their legs hanging out are CSPD tactical ops personnel looking like they are enjoying the view 🙂

CSPD + U.S.M.C coming in for a landing at the CSPD training center on 121 street in the C.S. Corporate Park.
ready to roll – Marine Blackhawk helicopter lands at the CSPD training center in the Corporation Park of of 121st street. ( photo by Michael Horvat

Author: HelpMeHoward