Are Those UFO’s Really Alien Spacecraft or Should You Vacation in Buffalo New York.

The big deal these days seems to be that the US government decided to release videos of unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) dashing about at speeds impossible to imagine.   My immediate thoughts are how come only pilots see these things, and why are all of the unidentified objects flying around the sky instead of walking or swimming?

A super fast unidentified ground moving object ( UGMO) or Unidentified Marine Object ( UMO) would provide more credibility .  There are more people on the ground to take pictures .  More of a challenge for an alien , since everyone knows anyone can fly through the sky at hyperbolic speeds.  Ground game would definitely convince me  that there are aliens  visiting our planet.

Not Impressed

In our media rich , facebook and twitter world, with as many cell phones in this country as handguns,  you would think that someone would actually have a shot ( pardon the pun) of an unidentified flying object identified as a spaceship .  So far, nada.  Nothing.  I saw a few videos here and there, but they all turned out to be weather balloons or frisbees. How come ?

The alien sends a message back home :  “ You are not going to believe this – they are unidentified flying objects moving so slowly that we  can’t even slow down enough to let them take our picture. “   – says the Vegan, from the planet Vega , which is not to be confused with a Vegan that does not eat meat when people are watching.

I can only imagine what are they thinking about us. Do they really  need the entertainment ?  An evolved race of organic life forms come to this planet to laugh? Do they get the Clean Coal Joke?

There is no doubt in my mind that there has to be life somewhere else in the universe.  What I am having a hard time with that these alien beings who can figure out travelling through time and space, could find no other better place to visit than earth.

That is like  taking a vacation in Buffalo NY. No one takes a vacation here.  Nothing to do except go somewhere else like  Niagra Falls.

Are we the stopping point where the road sort of ends and you have to make a right or left turn – left to Jupiter or Right to the same old same old yellow star, which the universe has billions of , no doubt closer to the aliens home?

Think about it. Do  they come here on vacation,  open a window and smell our polluted air and say “Great spot for camping”?

Why would they want to come here and visit us more than once? Didn’t they get what this place is about , the first time they arrived ?  Pretty easy – human beings killing each other over land they don’t own – then making a big mess that no one wants to clean up.

This particular film keeps looping. They already have been here in the 50’s  – why in heaven’s name , after seeing everything they needed to see to make up their minds about us, would they come back year after year, harassing our navy pilots?

I am disappointed that the best they can do is hide from us.  A super smart race of beings does not have to hide.  And what’s with those flashing lights? If you are playing hide and seek , the last thing you are going to do is turn on a flashlight so everyone knows you are there. If you already have your lights on, then why not land?  We already know you are there.  How smart can you be ? At least turn those lights off!

Now I understand.

There are those that think that aliens  are here preparing to take over the planet.  How come they are taking their time?  I mean, an alien force that can move supersonically right and left , up and down – travel millions of light years certainly would be in a hurry to get the job done – unless their labor laws only allow them to work every 10th millennium.  Now it all makes sense.

The same aliens that could move through space, travel through time – why are they ending up here in our time?  If you had a choice to explore a period of time on this planet,  I would choose the time of dinosaurs.

Hay Mr. Alien!   Slow down at least and let us all have a good look at you.  It is underwhelming to think that visiting  our planet is the best they can do.

Take a Selfie With An Alien

If you have a picture of a UFO , and are not on any medication or have a card that allows you to smoke marijuana,  please send me the photo or video.  I need to know for sure so I can contact them and ask them how come they haven’t fixed this place yet –  I mean if you plan to move in you need to at least change the carpets.

To Recap :

There are UFO’s  that only navy pilots seem to find, with intelligent life on board from a distant planet,  that are hiding from us but are doing such a bad job that we are picking them up on a camera from a plane they can see coming after them – and the best they can do is turn on their lights –  And they don’t want to clean up our mess.

And this is supposed to be intelligent life.

Author: HelpMeHoward