More Police Calls when a Full Moon is Over Coral Springs : Most Police Officers Say Yes – Studies Say Maybe

I have always noticed that when there is a full moon in the sky, the police tend to deal with a higher volume of calls. Often, these calls are more unusual or “kooky.”

By tuning in to the Coral Springs Police Department Scanner on our website, you can listen to actual 911 center radio dispatch calls.

As expected, during rush hour, the calls are abundant, mostly concerning car crashes at major intersections. Traffic police also report violations in school zones. At night, calls typically involve reports of suspicious individuals, domestic violence incidents, and occasional burglaries.

In the mornings, the fire department receives numerous calls for various reasons, often involving unusual situations such as people falling out of bed. If you speak to any police officer, many will attest to observing a correlation between the full moon and increased calls to the 911 center or a higher frequency of strange calls.

However, no official statement from the department confirms this correlation. Some police officers believe that such occurrences are simply part of everyday life in Coral Springs and do not necessarily correlate with the phases of the moon.

Research on this topic has yielded mixed results. A study published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine (November 2022) concluded that “Full moons are not associated with increases in emergency medical services (EMS) activations (911 calls) in the United States.”

However, a study conducted by the Department of Justice in 1979 found that there was indeed more police activity related to breaking and entering during a full moon, suggesting that the moonlight provides offenders with the necessary visibility to commit such crimes.

Ultimately, you can draw your own conclusions. The next time there is a full moon, you can listen to the Coral Springs Police and Fire Department feeds on our website’s front page.


Author: HelpMeHoward