Sun Sentinel Customer Support Does Not Know Where Coral Springs Is Located or How to Spell it

December 8,2013. Coral Springs,FL. The Sun Sentinel, a trusted newspaper in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, boasts its commitment to serving Broward County citizens. However, an alarming disconnect arises when it comes to their customer support’s knowledge of the communities they claim to serve.

Ask the Sun Sentinel Customer Support about Coral Springs, and you’ll likely encounter a blank response. They not only lack awareness of Coral Springs’ location but are equally uncertain about other cities within Broward County. The reason? The Sun Sentinel, rather than employing locals, outsources its subscription customer support overseas.

The outsourcing company’s agents, while well-intentioned, are often inadequately trained and end up providing minimal services. Frustratingly, they frequently struggle to spell the names of cities within Broward County. It’s an unfortunate irony that a newspaper dependent on local support chooses to cut costs by outsourcing customer service, leading to a lack of familiarity with the area it serves.

The decision to save a few pennies on customer support while charging substantial fees for digital services is not only questionable but also, arguably, disrespectful to the very community it claims to represent.

Consider the impact on local businesses, such as restaurants advertising in the Sun Sentinel. The staff, located thousands of miles away in a different time zone, is unlikely to express gratitude to these businesses for their support.

If outsourcing is inevitable, the least the Sun Sentinel could do is ensure that their overseas support staff is well-versed in the local geography. Providing a list of the approximately 60 cities within Broward County would enable them to offer more efficient and personalized customer support, eliminating the need to ask customers how to spell the very cities they serve.

To express your concerns or share your experience, you can contact Sun Sentinel Customer Support at 954-375-2018. Let your voice be heard and advocate for a more community-centric approach to customer service.

Author: HelpMeHoward