Does the President’s Use of His Cell Phone a Security Risk ? Yes and Here’s Why

I have been following the news about President Trump and the fact that he has decided to circumvent his security protocols and use his personal phone.  This is putting our country and our President at risk.

As an expert and engineer  in RF communication technology  I can state with 100% certainty  that equipment exists which  can intercept, follow, locate,  confuse, and copy  voice and text messages from any cell phone on a public system and any protocol including 2G ,3G, 4G commonly referred to as GSM,UMTS and LTE.  

The equipment by itself cannot perform these tasks ‘out of the box’ but certain people with the programming and other skills can certainly utilize its ability  putting the security of the country at risk. 

The equipment can be used to  implement a level of espionage that you see on TV and Movies. Everything imaginable on those programs is actually available to those that want to do this country harm. 

The terms used in this industry are Spoofing the phone or faking towers that look like the cellular providers but are generated by the equipment. Your cell phone thinks it is on the network but in reality it is on the equipment . The equipment controls your cell phone just like the towers do, except that your dialed calls and text messages go through the equipment. Then, they are routed to whomever and whatever where the information , voice and text, can be seen by the operator of the equipment. The bad guys gain access to secure information without the President knowing it.

The equipment can also be used for tracking purposes.  It can deduce which cell phone or cell phones  are the President’s .  Based on this information a bad guy can know for instance which car the President is in or when he passes by.  The unthinkable now becomes possible, as terrorists can do their worst.

The question then becomes that if people actually know this, and the secret service knows this, and any law enforcement agency knows this,  how is it that the President of the United States does not ? 

I am astonished that this is even an issue and that the White House does not do something about this before we have a disaster in our hands.






Author: HelpMeHoward