Florida Property Insurance Costs Rise While DeSantis Focuses on Presidential Campaign

If you recently received your house or property insurance renewal in Florida, you may have noticed one of two things. Either: a) Your insurance was canceled because the company decided not to offer insurance in Florida anymore. b) Your premiums have doubled or even tripled, making insurance the most expensive cost for your property, almost as high as property taxes. Oh, and property taxes have gone up too.

The Problem: Roofing Scams

Many insurance companies have left the state because of scams involving roofing companies and homeowners.

The scam is simple: Roofers convince homeowners that they can file a claim to their insurance company for roof damage caused by a hurricane that occurred within the last  five  or so years – even if the hurricane was not in the area but close to it, and that their roof was not damaged.

The insurance company pays out the money since they are threatened with a lawsuit by the roofing contractor,  if they do not, The roofer replaces the roof. The homeowner ends up paying a small deductible.  In many cases, the homeowner receives the money back from the roofer.

Our government  has not taken action against these roofing companies and homeowners who took advantage of the insurance companies.  That is why insurance companies have left our state and very few remain for anyone to get insurance.  I’m not sure why nothing has been done about it.

This problem continues to go unchecked in our state.

Impact on Business Owners

My business owns a condo in the Coral Springs Corporate Park. As one of 14 unit owners, we were just informed that our insurance now costs $150,000. Last last the cost was $55,000. It has nearly tripled in just one year!

This increase is due to the Windstorm policy required by banks that provide mortgages. While the building was constructed to withstand Category 3 hurricanes, it wasn’t built to withstand these exorbitant insurance rates. We are obligated to have this insurance. Even though it won’t cover the roof due to the scams, and it has a very high deductible.

Where is Governor DeSantis?

What is Governor DeSantis doing about all of this? Campaigning and using our money to travel around the country. Spending our money to transport immigrants from the Texas border to California.

Focused on banning books in schools, targeting Disney, and limiting our access to public information about his whereabouts and visitors.

His focus is not on finding ways to lower our insurance rates. He is not trying to find away that insurance companies do not get scammed.

The Ripple Effect 

Even if you don’t own property, you will still feel the impact. Property owners face these drastic increases upon renewing their insurance. They will raise the costs of services, food and Rent. All due to insurance increases. It is inflationary! It will all be passed on to you.

We urgently need the Florida State government to take action and address this situation. The Governor has to stay focused on helping Floridians. This is the job we pay him to do. He can resign of course and run for President of the United States. We will of course remember how much our insurance is costing us.

Author: HelpMeHoward