Emails Sent to CoralSprings Dot Com Instead of Dot Org Provides Interesting Insights into Local Politics and Other Tidbits has been on the World Wide Web for more than 18 years. During that time, we have received many emails that were misdirected to us by mistake ( we think) since people trying to reach the city mistakenly places .com as the domain extension instead of the city’s .ORG ( pronounced ORGEE).

For instance if you were to send an email to the mayor, and typed in it would go to us instead of which would have gone to the mayor of the city of Coral Springs.

This has created a lot of work for us as we try our best to redirect the emails received in error to the right party. In fact when this happens, the sender receives the following email back, almost automatically :

You have sent this email to, instead of the city’s domain @Coralsprings.ORG. Please correct this and resend the email.

Since EVERY email sent to the City of Coral Springs , is public information , with the exception of those sent to the police department, or of legal consequence, we at have the right to read, and publish any of it.

There have been many many emails that were out of the ordinary, communication sent between commissioners, love letters between commissioners and other management ( in the 18 years of being online you can only imagine) and of course a lot of hate mail. Pictures of animals, pets, people, as well as numerous emails concerning subscriptions where city employees used .com instead of .org, for websites, organizations, a few racy sites. No doubt you can assume we have received many purchasing emails for personal purposes by city employees, everything from boots, shoes, flowers, airplane tickets, hotel arrangements both for the city and for vacation purposes. ( I even gave advice to them since I have traveled the world and know where to stay and eat 🙂 .

We have received emails concerning school board to commission communications, lawyers to lawyers, and of course people complaining about their water bill, noise, and then some.

It really is a lot of fun seeing them, and as well some of them not so fun. In the Parkland shootings, we received email communication indicating someone on facebook was showing videos of abuse and guns- known to police- and not only did we forward this to the police department but to the news organizations in our area as well.

From the emails, you really get a good pulse on what’s going on in the city.

Here is a copy of an email sent to us ( says so we believe the party that sent it wanted us to see it. It concerns s commissioner who had said nasty things about the current mayor, Scott Brook.

Here it is :

From: AF < >
Date: Jul 8, 2019, 1:27 PM -0700
To: <>, <>, <>
Subject: 4th of July

Hi Joyce,

I met you at the Mullins Park firework show on the 4th of July. I needed to use the bathroom and Mayor Brook was kind enough to direct me to a bathroom in the gym. When I got there and shared that he guided me as to where to go, you started saying mean things about him. I felt sad and asked you to stop. After the fourth time I asked you, I had to firmly state my boundary. Something you do not know is that is that I grew up with Scott Brook. I really admire him as a leader. I was happy to be home for the holiday. Currently, I am in school in West Palm studying neuroscience and biochemistry, so I do not get home as often as I would like. I just wanted to let you know you hurt my feelings as to your behavior concerning Mayor Brook, as well as your negative comments to the Park Ranger concerning me as an individual. I forgive you, because it was obvious that you had a little too much wine to drink. I hope we can move forward with respect for the city and its officials.

Thank you,

We left out the name and email address of the person sending it, and replaced it with simply the initials. However, because there is a freedom of information act , you have the right to request this email from the City of Coral Springs, and they must give it to you, without redaction.

We have more to present, some classics of the past and of course more coming up in the future. We will do so to provide the public with more information about what is going on in the city. We will just add it to the bottom of this article as we look through our archives of the past.

BTW : About the Penguin picture featured in this article – It was taken by Howard Melamed, Editor and Owner of in February 2016 while in the Falkland Islands. We felt it appropriate to use since it is both cute, and makes a statement that the little penguin baby ( chick) represents the future and needs to be protected. So does our Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, etc etc.

Author: HelpMeHoward