Coral Springs Fl,05/25/ 2022 :   Shopping at the local Costco, I noticed one of the displays when you walk out of the store, where they check off your bill.  It said ‘ Alkaline Water for Your Home ‘ or something like that.   Costco is selling an apparatus that you plug into the water entrance of your home that converts regular water to Alkaline water.


You see, Coral Springs water, right out of the tap, is already Alkaline water.   That’s right.  PH 10.0- which means –  Alkaline.

I am not sure how much you would pay Costco to get the very same water that you get from the tap water given to you by the City of Coral Springs Public Works Department.  I am not sure if this is false advertisement or even if Costco actually is aware of the scam that Coral Springs residents are subjected to when they are at the store.

I would assume they are not aware since , Costco would surely stop selling you something that you already have.   This is like selling snow to someone that lives in Canada.

Coral Springs Water Testing

City of Coral Springs Test Report on My Water

I recently had Coral Springs Public Works department come out and test my water.   I had thought that it was too acidic , since I tested it myself with my pool strip testing kit and found it to be just that. PH less than 6.0 !   So a fellow from Public works came out the very next day and he submitted the results to me.

My pool test kit was obviously wrong.   The water is a PH of 10.0  ! Alkaline.

Most bottle water you buy at the store are Acidic with PH less than 7.0 .

He told me that this is the same PH they experience through the most part of Coral Springs unless there is something wrong with contamination in the water supply.  In fact, my pool test kit was more than 4 years old – and needed to be refreshed.

A lot can be learned from speaking with our public works department.

Where our Water Comes From

Our water comes from wells placed around the city that were drilled about 180 feet below to the Biscayne Aquifer.  The aquifer gets replenished by the Everglades where water filters through the many layers of sand and limestone.

The yellow color of the water is as a result of the lime used in treating it.  Easy way to remove it is by using a water filter, which also removes any of the chlorine they add to disinfect the water.

As well, the natural occuring elements that are in the aquifer, makes the water good to drink, better than distilled water.  In fact Coral Springs tap water, filtered, provides you quality alkaline drinking water better than bottled – costing you 10 cents per 1000 gallons. will start selling bottled water in Q4 of this year.  We will simply take a hose from the water tap, run it through a standard charcoal filter, and fill up some bottles.  We will stick a label on it calling it ” Coral Springs”  and sell it around the world as “Alkaline Water –  Sourced Deep Beneath the Biscayne Aquifer “. We will sell it to Arizona and Nevada. They need good water. Anyone wanting to partner with us – email us at

Meanwhile – Fill up your bottle containers with filtered tap water – Alkaline water all you want. Drink up!

Author: HelpMeHoward