Florida Governor DeathSantis DOES NOTHING: 20000 DEAD AND COUNTING And UBER Driver Giving Us Stats

Coral Springs FL 10/17/2020 : According to the newly appointed statistician that is supposed to provide details regarding the COvid-19 pandemic in Florida, only one person died on Friday from the disease in the entire state. I did not see any major headlines in any of the newspapers. This is perplexing since this is really a big deal. ONLY ONE PERSON DEAD! No one reported it. That is because everyone knows that the person giving these details is a sports blogger and Uber driver, Kyle Lamb, that Governor DeathSantis appointed to provide information. ( more details on his credentials click here )

Six weeks after Governor DeathSantis decided to open up businesses even though doctors, scientists and anyone with half a brain, told him that doing so would lead to more deaths and cases of Covid-19, we have an increase in cases as expected, and a rate of increase indicating a steep climb coming up.

Just to sure that DeathSantis may be listening : There is a correlation between how many people are getting Covid and events and holidays. You have to be a complete idiot not to see it or at least accept it. There is a lag of 2 weeks before cases rise, 2 more weeks before hospitalizations rise followed by increased deaths 2 weeks later. Don’t you get it?

2 weeks ago we had an election. You and your soulmate Trump had rallies in Jacksonville, Orlando etc. No masks since only idiots don’t believe in science. Then the long lines due to the fact that you lied about absentee ballots. Lines were at polling places. People got infected and now we have numbers of infections greater than ever, hospitalizations starting to climb and deaths will follow.

So what did you do? You hired an Uber driver to report the statistics to us all. No qualifications other than the lacky will listen to you and do what you do : Lie.

Governor DeathSantis has no heart for those that are suffering.

The latest stats on the state of Florida website https://floridahealthcovid19.gov/#latest-stats

Take a close look at this bull : Only one person died on Saturday in the entire state of Florida – It is impossible! Unless of course Mr. Uber Driver is not giving us all the information.

This science denier Trump wannabe did not make it safe for all of us Floridians by mandating masks – nope – that would be conceding that the scientists, Fauci and all the other people that actually know what they are talking about know more than DeathSantis. Instead he pushes ahead with full openings.

I find it further ironic that the same people that believe in conspiracy theories can’t believe what is before their eyes: Uber Driver + DeathSantis = Wool over your eyes.

Deathsantis : You are killing people and making others suffer needlessly. Reverse your policies, put up a mask order for everyone to wear them, and be an example of good leadership. While you are at it, wear the mask yourself – idiot.

Author: HelpMeHoward