Florida Governor DeathSantis Pushes Ahead with More Openings Even Though Infection Rate Rising – 15,000 Dead

Two weeks after Governor DeathSantis decided to open up businesses even though doctors, scientists and anyone with half a brain, told him that doing so would lead to more deaths and cases of Covid-19, we have an increase in cases as expected, and a rate of increase indicating a steep climb coming up. Since the hospitalizations lag behind about 2 weeks, and deaths another two weeks, it makes it hard for DeathSantis to retreat from his opening orders.

Making matters worse, DeathSantis is in control of the statistics, the ones we are all using to decide whether it is safe or not to resume our activities of life. For instance, the latest stats on the state of Florida website https://floridahealthcovid19.gov/#latest-stats, indicate that only 2 people died from Covid yesterday in our entire state. No one believes this since if it were true, you would see it in the headlines.

This science denier Trump wannabe did not make it safe for all of us Floridians by mandating masks – nope – that would be conceding that the scientists, Fauci and all the other people that actually know what they are talking about know more than DeathSantis. Instead he pushes ahead with full openings.

He even attends rallies for Trump even though most wear no masks, high fiving people. DeathSantis does not care how many people will die from this virus, only that he appears strong in face of the storm that is already upon us.

Deathsantis : Reverse your policies, put up a mask order for everyone to wear them, and be an example of good leadership and wear the mask yourself – idiot.