Solution to the Unvaccinated Canadian Trucker Problem In Canada :  Invite them to Work in the USA.  We Need all the Truckers We Can Get

Coral Springs Fl , 02/11/2022: To bring you up to date,  the Canadian and US governments do not allow any trucker to cross the border between the United States and Canada who  is not vaccinated.   

I have the best solution to the problem: Simply give all of the Canadian Un-Vaccinated truckers work permits with special status regarding vaccine requirements and invite them to do their trucking here in the United States of America.   We need them.

Here we appreciate people that work isolated in their truck cab  from people.  If they get Covid , who are they going to give it to?  Most work alone.  They are not serving pretzels on some airplane.  There are nurses in Canada that are protesting the vaccine mandates. (See

Now that is a big deal. That is why this trucker thing is so bizarre.  

Why would the either government even bother ? Worry about real threats and leave these truckers alone to do what they want. Who cares? However, better for us that the Canadian government is more restrictive. More truckers for us to hire in the USA.

We have A Shortage of Truckers

Here in the USA we lack truckers – Vaccinated or not .  It is the one place where we can use as many as we can get.   All we need to do, is to give the Canadian truckers work permits.  They can criss cross this country all they want moving quality American products to Americans.

There are a total of 340,000 truckers in Canada.  34,000 are un-vaccinated and those are the ones making a lot of trouble. To put it all in perspective,  there are  3,500,000 truckers in the USA.  According to the latests stats,  there are more than 110,000 positions open this year.  See

34,000 un-Vaccinated Canadian Truckers allowed to cross the border and work in the USA would help reduce the deficit of truckers by 1/3 this year. For next year, we need more disgruntled Canadian truckers to protest something else .

It is Better to Work in the United States

Why would any Canadian Trucker want to work in the USA ?

  1. We pay in US dollars not their monopoly 72 cents on the dollar currency.
  2. Our taxes are 15% lower. No government healthcare. They can simply refuse healthcare like 47% of our population. If they get sick, they can ask to get deported – in which case Canada must take them back – Vaccinated or not.
  3. Gas is cheaper ( they pay equivalent of $7 per gallon)
  4. We have real football being played with 4 downs unlike their sissy game they play with 3 downs, a bigger field and a bigger ball. Pass – Run Kick. Pass Run Kick. Boring!
  5. We have warmer weather – We have Florida.

It’s Friggin Cold Up In Canada, Ay?

During months these truckers are protesting the vaccine issue its – 40 degree weather. During these winter months icy roads, snow drifts and below zero weather delays make trucking in Canada almost impossible to be profitable .

Most truckers take vacations during these months due to lack of productivity. Good time to protest.

As soon as the weather starts to warm up ( like middle of July) off they will go – back to the trucking business without a complaint. This issue was there in the summer months but the weather was optimal and certainly no smart Anti-Vaxx trucker ( an oxymoron) one wants to leave good easy money behind.

I happen to know the Prime Minister of Canada , Trudeau, is consulting with various religious groups to pray for a warm February and March.

Send out the Invite

So to boot, ay, sorry and all the other expressions most Americans laugh about, it’s time we resolve the issue Canada is having, offer trucking jobs to those Canadian Anti-Vaxxers , all 34,000 of them.

Not sure what we are waiting for. They can even come across illegally, as long as they don’t do it from Mexico. No wall at the Canadian border. Nothing to climb.

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Author: HelpMeHoward