From Y2K to Oil Spill, if they told us the world is flat would you believe it?

by Howard Melamed 10/01/10

Where in the world do you pay people that give you wrong answers?  I think the only place is here in the United States, when time and time again, Government Scientist make claims that never come true and panic the public.  This would be comical if it didn’t cost us money, and if the panic did not result in people losing their livelihood that results.

Just to list a few examples of the BS spewed by the Government Scientists,  the  Y2K con job, of course the same guys told us that the world is going to end on the year 2000 because computers may launch missiles due to their confusion over the dates.  So we embarked on a complete waste of money making sure all of the government computers, ( and business ) before the turn of the century would have been tested and fixed.  Government Scientists then took claim when surprisingly absolute no computer, not even one….ever had a problem on new years .  What incredible luck that the millions and millions of computers happened to be fixed with absolutely not one ever giving a problems.  the government paid out millions of taxpayer money to get this done.

H1N1 panic they created  forced the president to come out on television and tell the public with authority that this is the most significant danger to our society since the same scientist told us about SARS..which never ever turned out as they said.  The H1N1 debacle cost us millions as well. Government Scientist made sure to have millions of vaccines and anti-biotic available when they (Government Scientists ) predicted that H1N1 will be a ” PANDEMIC”. That forced all of us to the Webster’s dictionary to see what all the pandemic was about.   In fact H1N1 was a dud. All of the build up by Government Scientists at the Center for Disease Control…and poof. We spent millions of dollars if not billions on drugs no one is taking.  Except of course Government Scientists who obviously were on drugs making these type of predictions.

Remember the Anthrax scare? They needed an Asteroid Watch to make sure we don’t get hit by a some rock that isn’t really there? What about that Sun Plasma that was supposed to blow up a few satellites and upset our communication ? Let’s not forget about that hole in the ozone layer which poof is no longer an issue?       Why are Government Scientists always scaring us anyway?

Then there is this whole GLOBAL WARMING issue.  Government Scientist have now told us that a piece of Greenland’s ice  has broken off and heading our way.   Does this mean that when it finally gets here, it is still Greenland’s or can we claim it as ours.  No longer do we need to go exploring , we just wait for the new land to come to us and just claim it.  Government scientist just seem to confuse me.  they say that the July was the hottest month since recorded history.  I looked back on recorded history and found that recording was not really great back in historical times.  There accuracy was plus or minus 5 or so degrees. IF that is the case how do Government Scientist make claims of recorded history since history has shown us that they actually did a poor job at recording in the first place? All this is so confusing. Why can’t government scientist just shut up and keep the money we are paying them?

The latest Government Scientist debacle is the Oil spill in the gulf.  First these scientists told us that the oil flow was  10,000 gallons a day…then 20 then 30 then they decided to full us all and transfer the gallons into barrels or was it barrels into gallons. I want to see what those Barrels actually look like.  They certainly were not floating in the gulf filled with the oil that no one was able to know for certain how much was actually there.  Government Scientist told us that these many many many, sounded like quite a lot…. would flow within a couple of weeks around the tip of Florida and depotist itslef along the atlantic beachses from Miami to  North Carolina,….and maybe to Bermuda!  We all saw theose famous  graphs showing the spill now and in two weeks…..It reminded me of the Hurricane forecasters who have that chart  map showing us the predicted path of the hurricane, of which the Government Scientists that are paid from  Taxpayer money make a yearly prediction tell us something that no one can predict.

So I am trying to find out who exactly are these government scientists and where are they hiding.  There are no names associated with these guys as the press just refers them as  ‘Government Scientists’.  I checked with several Universities to even find out if there are any “Scientist” degrees offered.  In fact, there is no such course, or title.  To become a Scientist all you have to do is self declare that you are one. Thomas Edison did it.  So did those people that claimed that they were cloned by UFO’s. ( The Rigileans)

It would be good to know where exactly our tax dollars are going a, a name someone that actually may or may not exist…or shall we just refer to them as  ‘They’.  You know….when someone tells you an unconfirmed fact the conversation usually begins with  ” You know….They say that if you do this or that you will grow hair on your knuckles.”   Who are  “They”?  I can’t find them either.  Then there are those that refer to a book, especially when gambling or playing Black Jack.  The guy next to you will say ” What does the Book say about splitting 10’s? ”  or they will say ” The Book Says you always split 8’s”.  I have listened to this Book of theirs and I have always lost when I split 8’s. I am still trying to find the  Book that everyone is refereeing to.  Perhaps They wrote it. Even more,  Perhaps Government Scientists have done the research on the Book that They wrote.

This whole thing is Bizarre.  I think I will take out the same Quijee board that Government Scientists use and try to figure out exactly what God already knows.


Author: HelpMeHoward