Bury the Horse: Coral Springs Art is Embarrassing

by P. Casso 

A few years ago I wrote an article called  F-ART Exhibition in Coral Springs: Tasteful or Tasteless? providing a sarcastic view of the shameful disgusting art that was displayed at various places within our city.  A newly formed art committee of Coral Springs decided that the flora and fauna were not beautiful enough that we needed to add some inanimate objects to provide some ‘ class’ to our city.  Coral Springs commissioners went along with it agreeing with the committee with some credibility.  The committee claimed that they were privately funded, except for the fact that  the taxpayers had to supply the space, the concrete platform, the lighting and the venue for some uninspiring artists that a few snobs making up the art committee thought had some talent.

I haven’t heard anyone describe any of the objects of art approved by the art committee , masterpieces.  In fact everyone that I know has laughed with disgust at the tasteless art that has been thrust upon us …without our permission of course.

Indicative of the type of eye sore that has been installed as  ‘ART’ by the committee is the horse on Sample road.  The so-called sculpture consists of pieces of metal and wood making shaped to look like a horse.  The problem is that the metal is rusting,  the wood body infested by termites, and quite frankly,  when you drive by this horse, you think that someone has slaughtered it exposing its organs. It is makes people sick looking at it.  Too bad the horses ass isn’t pointed toward the street. It wouldn’t have been art, but it would have indicated what the committee members are all about.

I did some research to see if in fact a  horse has any significance in this city to make some sense as to why this sculpture was chosen. I found that there is nothing important about a horse and this city.  IF anything,  horses were bred in Parkland, the city north of us. This city was raised from the swamps with little or no farming happening.

The motto  ” Coral Springs.  the best place to live , work and raise a family ” doesn’t say anything about horses. I am quite sure about this, or the motto would have been  “Coral Springs: The best place to live work and raise horses”. Come to think of it…even our city name is false, since there is no Coral or Springs anywhere in the city of Coral Springs. Lots of BS art though.

It is time we put an end to this and tell our city commissioners to take these disgusting , tasteless objects of trash off our streets.

Bury the dead horse….and dissolve the committee that put it there.  before  any one else gets sick from looking at it . 


Author: HelpMeHoward