5:00 PM .  am Update :

A 14 year old old boy that had been reported missing since 9:00 pm Wednesday night was found in Miami at 3 PM today. 

An extensive search was performed from last night into the mid afternoon hoping to find the missing boy.  The Chabad synagogue  reached out and organized search parties .  Many people participated and the Coral Springs Police Department carried out searching stores and offices.

Apparently,  this was not the first time the boy did not return home on time. 

If you have an Autistic child, that has a habit of wondering,  one would think the latest technology  can be utilized.  Apple TAG for instance can be sewn in clothing. There are wrist bands as well and watches.  All would have immediately located and notified the parents of the lad’s location.  These are LOW COST solutions that can be very effective, and of course prevent the need to perform an active search . 


Author: HelpMeHoward