City Launches “Connecting Local Businesses to Grants and Loans”

City Launches “Connecting Local Businesses to Grants and Loans”
Coral Springs, FL – April 16,2020. The City of Coral Springs launched the “Connecting Local Businesses to Grants and Loans” program to mitigate the effect of the COVID-19 virus within the community by connecting local businesses with possible grant and loan opportunities, in addition to assisting businesses through the application process.
Through this new program, the City will ensure that there is ample research and comprehensive understanding of various grant and loan opportunities available to local businesses. Research conducted by the city liaison, Bradley Falcone, through the eCivis software is integral for this program to achieve the objective of providing efficient and effective assistance to local businesses.
The Coral Springs liaison will be in constant communication with local businesses to ensure they have access to grant and loan opportunities and will share summaries with business representatives to facilitate information needed to recover from COVID-19.
The program will reduce the amount of local businesses defaulting on rent and other bills by helping businesses throughout the grant and loan application process. The grants and loans the City will assist businesses with must be used to pay rent, bills or other essential expenses.
The “Connecting Local Businesses to Grants and Loans” plan will reduce the number of layoffs occurring in the Coral Springs area, by way of the Paycheck Protection Program and similar programs. The City will support local businesses throughout the application process of grants and loans that must be used for payroll purposes.
Local businesses interested in participating in the “Connecting Local Businesses to Grants and Loans” program must fill out the program request form on our website; once the request is reviewed, the City of Coral Springs Budget and Economic Development office will contact the business.
The City of Coral Springs understands the impact COVID-19 has had on the economy and is devoted to providing financial resources that will help local businesses get through this crisis.


Author: HelpMeHoward