In a public records request, we had asked the City of Coral Springs Police Department for a list of crimes committed this year in March and April, and those during the same months in 2019. The results are compiled in the table on the right.

As you can see, and as expected, robberies, assaults burglaries and of course shoplifting , were all down during the Stay at Home order. However, what should be of great concern the increase in Automobile crime. Keep the your car doors locked!

Regarding the health of our Police and Fire Departments, the good news is that our first responders are in good health! Here is what the City wrote us :

We have 221 Full Time Sworn (officers ) and 9 Part Time sworn ( officers) .  We have had 4 officers diagnosed with Covid-19 and no firefighters.  2 of the 4 have already recovered and the other two are on their way to recovery.

It is good to have some good news.


Author: HelpMeHoward