Email: Devil to Governor Desantis
Great Move Stopping Schools Enforcing Masks Policies
Keep up the good work
You got my Vote! has obtained an email sent by the D-vil to Governor D-santis regarding his recent efforts to prevent the eradication of the Covid-19 virus.  Here is the ‘leaked’ email that has not been verified but seems to be most reasonable:

From: Devil  <>
Date: Fri, Jul 30, 2021 at 11:22 AM
Subject: Thank you for your Efforts
To: <>

Even Google thinks this message is dangerous……

Dear Governor D-Santis

I thank you for your reply to my last email concerning  the D-lta virus and how your efforts to increase the suffering of the people and more deaths to the innocent are greatly appreciated.

I must praise you for your recent efforts regarding making sure children remain unprotected at schools especially in Broward and Miami-D-de county.  There my  efforts to increase the suffering and hardships on people are being focused.  Bravo!  The children are not even vaccinated at least those under 12. I also like the spin you pulled withhold funding to the schools if they try to protect the Children by implementing a mask policy. Now they have to choose between safe children and money. Perfect! The evil you are showing is simply D-vine! These people are so stupid they will elect you anyway even if you harm their children.

While you are at it, I have a few more things for you to also implement that are equally as dastardly :

  1. Remove the need to have seat belts in cars. People should have the right to protect themselves or not to, the same as masks. Government should not mandate seat belts . You took away helmets from people that ride mortocycles ( which as a brillant move), so seat belts would be best.
  2. Remove the mandate that requires parents to use car seats for toddlers. A parent should have the right to put his kid in a car seat or let them float around the car as they wish. (This alone would make you a hero in my eye )
  3. Bring back the right to smoke cigarettes any place a smoker wants to . That should include hospitals with covid infected patients. No one should stop someone from 2nd hand smoke ( goes right in hand with face masks).
  4. Remove speed limits on all Florida roads, including school zones. In fact everyone should be allowed to drive as fast as they want where they want. Leave it up to the motorist to decide.
  5. Lower the age to own a hand gun to 2 years old. It should be up the parents to determine what is safe or not for their kids.

I would have never thought anyone would provide me with the right laboratory, the State of Florida, where I can continue to modify my virus ( what do you think the D in D-lta stands for) until I find a variant that  makes G_d’s vaccine ineffective. After all , you took my advice and banned anyone from getting vaccination passports making it impossible to prove who is and who is not vaccinated. The confusion increases the amount of deaths from people being infected by the unvaccinated.

Equally appreciated are the hosts of fox and friends pushing for the right of the unvaccinated to kill themselves. Just like you the hosts at Fox are vaccinated. Too bad. We could use their talents down here sooner than later.

This move by you is almost as terrible as opening up  restaurants too early along with tattoo shops.  Then you made sure to fire the data recording specialist so that you can control the numbers. You made sure that the people had no  idea of how bad covid cases really are.  This makes me proud that I supported you in the last election.  D-Santis for Governor ! I would support you in the Presidential elections but D-nald already has my support.

Misery and Suffering

All of these people should thank you for the misery and suffering you have created.  No doubt you will be re-elected just on the deaths alone that you have caused.  Genius! You have managed to convince these people that you are actually on their side. We both know you are on my side.  D-Santis and the D-vil !  What a team we are making.Any time I can get believers in God to believe in me is a win win.

I am equally impressed  in your success  getting a lot of people to  believe that Fauci  is not to be trusted. How D-lightful.  Fauci will not be coming my way as he will be ascending to heaven. Anything you can do to make this guy look bad only adds to my influence on good people.   I could not have done better myself.  Vote for D-Santis!

It is important that you continue to work with the state of Louisiana, who is following in your footsteps.  Hospitalizations are going up, deaths increasing and there are actual people who are sick thinking that they only have a cold.  Even on their deathbed, they refuse to say that they should have gotten the vaccine. Go D-Santis!

The good news is that every death since your decree is now on your head.  You will get the credit. This means you get to play with big boys when your time is up you will be welcomed down here with an outstretched arm.  I may even allow you to govern, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  There is a lot more evil to do!

You are the gift that keeps on giving.  Governor D-Santis: Keep up the bad work 🙂

If you need any more advice, please contact me at your earliest convenience.  You already know my cell phone number.  666-666-6666 .

Yours Truly

The D-vil

PS: Sorry the insurrection on January 6th did not work out. I tried my best, but those police officers who actually believe in God , got in the way.

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Great email – Howard – Incredible. DeathSantis is now telling everyone that they should get injections of a drug called Regeneron if the get sick instead of taking the Vaccine. How do they know that Regeneron will not result in changes to their DNA, or if the or injecting a tracking devices, or Regeneron won’t kill them in 3 years . WHy doesn’t the prick just tell everyone to get the damn vaccine? – Steve, Coral Springs

You think you are so smart. You are an asshole. Desantis, yes, Governor DeSantis not the way you spelt it deserves respect for the way he has handled this covid thing. If it not for him you would have FBI agents snatching your guns and taking away your freedoms locking you away. I don’t trust the government. So take your fancy writings and shove them up your smart ass – (no name given – I do have the email address )

( No name – DeSantis is the government – and next time, try to hide your email address – since it has your name in it . – Howard the Smart Ass editor )

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