Mayor Roy Gold & Congressman Ted Deutch Honored by Coral Springs and Parkland Democratic Club

Coral Springs , FL Sunday Sept 15, 2013 .   Mayor Roy Gold who has served this community as a City Commissioner and Vice Mayor  ( 2004 – 2008) and then as Mayor ( 2008-2012) was honored on Sunday Sept 15, 2013 by the Coral Springs and Parkland Democrat club.

At the ceremony, Roy was cheered as a strong supporter of democratic values, and has been involved in volunteer organizations for over 40 years.  Mayor of this city, Mayor Roy Gold  provided leadership that made a difference, pushing forward fiscally responsible concepts, as well as his own environmental agenda to improve the life of the citizens of Coral Springs.

In his acceptance speech, Roy emphasized his ability to work with other city commissioners many of whom did not share his same values.   He even accepted the fact that even though Commissioners Vignola and Powers together with now Mayor Boccard were opposed to his proposal of building a new city hall on Sample and University, even though it was actively supported by the citizens, they were quick to pass it a few months after he left office.

Mayor Gold openly discussed his bout with a brain tumor which was diagnosed and successfully removed when he was mayor.  He told the audience that he learned how important care giving was and honored his wife Janet as his care giver during his illness.  Even more emotional was him stating that  his wife was his inspiration to be the care giver for her, when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer this year, and to a standing ovation by those present,  he reported she has fought and won the battle.

When asked prior to the event if he will be running for mayor, he said that although he is considering it, understandably , the decision will be made later  based on family considerations.

Whether holding the position of Mayor or City Commissioner , the total service in office has a term limitation of 8 consecutive years .  Many commissioner members want the mayor term limits to be the same as a city commissioner, allowing for a contiguous leadership path from Commissioner to Mayor, that makes sense.  According to our laws,  Mayor Gold is eligible to run in 2014 for mayor and serve in this position for another full 8 year term, after sitting out running until November 2014 allowing for the reset of the the term limit.

Congressman Ted Deutch was honored as well at this meeting. In his speech he praised Mayor Roy Gold, and the work he did for the Democratic party and the City of Coral Springs.  Congressman Deutch indicated his current frustration with Congress in the inability to reach consensus on so many issues including health care and the budget.  He ended the ceremony with a pledge to continue working hard for his constituents.

It is openly speculated in the city that Mayor Gold’s popularity and experience would trump that of current candidate for Mayor ,  Tom Powers . Tom is a current sitting commissioner who has yet to actually campaign against anyone since both his terms at city commissioner have  been unchallenged.

In 2004 Roy Gold running for commissioner was challenged by Howard Melamed, who was in attendance at this meeting, and will be running for commissioner seat #4 at the next election in 2014.  In 2008  and in 2010 Roy was challenged by Jim Gleason.  Mayor Gold remains undefeated ( 3-0) .

No doubt Mayor Roy Gold  will remain a strong candidate if he decides to  challenge Commissioner Powers, who has no experience as Mayor or running against anyone in a campaign.   It is important to note that Roy Gold has been an active commissioner and mayor with this city for more years than Commissioner Powers has been a citizen of this city. 


Author: HelpMeHoward