“Hammer Fishing” with Coral Springs Top Youngest Angler in South Florida – 7 Year Old Thor !

Fishing is a popular sport here in South Florida, and it’s bad enough when I head out fishing and come back with a sunburn, empty handed. Along comes a 7 year old Coral Springs kid that not only shows me up, but most of the other anglers who talk about the Big Fish they almost caught.

Thor in Action

This has to catch your attention. Thor , is a verified Master Angler by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation .

Born in Miami, and living in Coral Springs, Thor has been fishing since he was two. He’s caught at least 30 different saltwater  species, and at least 20 different freshwater species.

From sport fishing in the keys to North Carolina rivers, he loves it all. Fishing is his life. When he is not on the ocean with his dad, he is fishing the Coral Springs waterways. Keeping his secret spots for catching different species around Coral Springs and Parkland, he proudly tells you “Never reveal your fishing spot”.

Thor is a verified Master Angler by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (fwc) , which means he has registered qualifying big catches in at least five different freshwater species. Florida Sportsman has published his photos.

Thor -Fishing for Monster Peacock Bass in Coral Springs Florida

“When you fish, it’s just about patience.” says Thor.

Mackerel is his favorite fish to catch because they fight so hard. Favorite bait is bread for catching Mayan cichlids and favorite lure is a frog for catching bass. 

Thor has two large fish tanks in his room with fish that he has caught. he loves to teach anyone who will listen about his techniques – but he never reveals his ‘Secret spots’ to fish .

Inspired by his Dad and with his guidance, Thor started a youtube channel called Hammer Fishing so that everyone can follow his fishing trips and envy the fish he catches.

Check out his videos and like what you see, make sure you subscribe to Hammer Fishing by clicking here : HAMMER FISHING BY THOR

Thor was promised that he could build a pond in his backyard when he gets to 10,000 subscribers. He’s not sure what he wants to do when he grows up, but he dreams of living in the keys so he can fish every day. 


Author: HelpMeHoward