The China Fairness Doctrine China Steal Secrets. China Pays for Them.

An easy way to stop China ( or anyone else) from stealing our military secrets…or at least get something in return.  

by Howard Melamed

Coral Springs Florida , May 29 2013 :  

Once again we hear the latest news about how China invaded our Pentagon computers and stole military secrets or plans and specifications on our latest weaponry. Once again our government does nothing about it , since of course China has us by the short hairs holding trillions of dollars of US paper printed as a result of our need to borrow money from them.  The money we borrow we use to develop the weapons and China then steals them and we have to borrow more money to develop more weapons. Some how this all does not lead us to where we want to go as a nation does it?  In fact the only thing it guarantees is that someday we will not be the nation we all thought we were , but rather a slave to the task master holding the mortgage on our country.

I have a plan that will not only stop the onslaught of Chinese espionage but at the same time take retribution on the very same people that are seeking our demise in the long term at least. It  can be called the China Fairness Doctrine.

Quite simply : They steal our secrets. We evaluate how much these secrets cost the US taxpayers to develop and how much they will cost us in the future. That amount of money we use to pay down the debt we owe China.

Espionage is a criminal act in this country and it looks like the criminals get to not only profit from our toil, but at the same time continuously collect from us payments and interest on the very same debt it took to develop what they stole.  Where else would we allow this?

For the recent F-35 airplane info they took from us, we can charge them both the cost of the development, and as well a royalty on every plane we see them building using the design.  I would suggest that this new plane has cost us a mere 500 billion or so. Let’s credit our loan account this amount, right now.

Then of course if our friends the Chinese, want to steal more stuff from us, I say let them.  We then reduce what we owe by the amount it cost us.  We can also look back at other aspects of our relationship that the Chinese have executed on us.

For instance, how about the fact that the Chinese copy  and sell to us copyright  and licensed material , under the same label as US Businesses do. For instance, purse and watches are knocked off in Chinese factories and sold on our streets.  Then there is software that is knocked off and distributed as the Real McCoy.  What we can do is get an independent accounting firm ( not from China ) to evaluate the true damage to US Businesses and simply reduce our loan with the Chinese by the same amount and provide a credit to US Businesses.

This is not a hard thing to do.  All we need is Congress to pass legislation that deals with penalties to ANY country that performs espionage on our country or infringes on our intellectual property.  we need not single our the Chinese, but any other country as well.  We can go after any foreign asset that is located in the United States, or reduce any debt owed to any country that performs any such acts against us.

There is no need to declare war or send over a single soldier or drone.  There is no need to even get excited about these threats .  In fact I believe that even though we will penalize the Chinese by reducing their loan to us to nothing, they will be more than happy to supply us with more money to develop more weapons that they can steal.  In the process of course we develop more advanced weapons along the way with the new money, with the knowledge that it will still take the Chinese at least 6-9 months to break into our computers to steal the now obsolete information. Then it will take them another 2 years to figure out what to do with it.  By that time, we have reduced our total debt to next to nothing from all of the countries of the world stealing from us and paying the penalties.

In the end,  no country would be foolish enough to continue its policy to bite the very hand that feeds them…Just as any banker wants to make sure that the person who borrows money remains happy.  If we establish the China Fairness Doctrine, we will solve this and no cost to us.

Only one thing gets in the way of all of this.   That is, the politicians in our country that receive campaign funds from overseas un-named sources that want our policies to remain the same so they can continue stealing from us while taking our money.   Perhaps the Campaign Reform Act needs to be passed first 🙂


Author: HelpMeHoward