The entire security plan for the Coral Springs Police Department is being held up and changed because 1 citizen complained about closing the Mullins park shared entrance. Commissioner Alan Polin has sided with this citizen and is forcing the city to spend more money needlessly.

If you have passed by the Coral Springs Police Department Headquarters on Coral Springs Drive you would have noticed that barricades block the entrance to the south parking lot and there is 24 hour guards at the north entrance. The barricaded entrance also means that the access to Mullins Park from Coral Springs drive is blocked as well since they share the common entrance. This was all done just after September 11 in order to make all police operations secure from any terrorist attacks. It is quite obvious that the police department takes these measures seriously , but an irate citizen and a city commission make a joke of it.

The new security plan recommended by the Chief Arigo calls for a 10′ wall surrounding the police department along the fence of the  Mullins  Park closing off that entrance. There would be 2 sliding iron gates at each end of the Police Department entrances. Sources say that one  guy called Commissioner Alan Polin and complained about the Mullins entrance being closed.  There are 3 others entrances to the park, but obviously this isn’t good enough. They are now  looking to  move the wall north 10′ to allow a traffic lane into Mullins Park in  a one way direction and placing an additional gate at the entrance. This will cost the city $25,000. Perhaps other citizens can call Commissioners Polin, (or the other commissioners) and let him know where he can stick the $25,000 gate…..In another location of course.

We will update this story as more information becomes available. So Stay tuned!

Email Received:

I am surprised that you do not take the side of the “irate citizen”.  I usually agree with your views but in this particular case, I would most likely assume that the citizen who complained basically thought like I do that these barricades are absolutely ridiculous.  Spending ridiculous amounts of money on fort nox security at the Coral Springs Police Department is not only a waste of money but conceded that they actually believe they are that important to warrant such strict security measures.  If a terrorist really wants to damage the police facility than they are going to do it regardless of the barricades.  Building a cement wall is stupid … Why would coral springs become so much more important than any other city.  What makes us so special that we blockade our buildings and the rest of South Florida does not.  All this accomplished was to bring attention to the building so now someone can try to cause harm or find some sick prankster anxiously awaiting to call in a threat and watch em scramble.
On a different note … I would like to thank you for the article about local elections.  I did not realize how long these commissioners have been in ofice, and I will certainly tell everyone I know about this and who knows maybe I can make enough of a difference to bring enough people to the polls to stop this.
Thanks for keeping me informed,   -Jason Braunstein

Author: HelpMeHoward