Powers and Boccard Are OK By Me

However, Charlie Crist, Mister No Show has to Go

April 15 2010:  Governor Charlie Crist commonly known as Mr. No Show unless you pay the Big Bucks ( I will explain later) has suspended two outstanding commissioners , Powers and Boccard. This  move certainly  circumcised our city commission and interferes with the commission’s ability to make balanced decisions.

There is a Florida law demanding that no city commissioner can meet and discuss city business with each other or meet with anyone without first declaring that the meeting is going to take place.   This was put into action due to the fact that many city commissioners were doing deals behind close doors, in what we would call shady politics.   The mere fact that this happens all day long in Washington,  deals made with US Senators to buy there votes as we have seen in the healthcare  debate, tells you how stupid such a law can be, especially taken to extremes.

It can also be used as a weapon against leading Republican commissioners ( Powers and Boccard are card carrying and active)  that may be leaning toward other candidates.   As well,  certain administrative personnel can in fact use this to their benefit should they not like the way certain commissioners are voting.  Ask yourself how is it possible that a police officer happen to know exactly the time a meeting is going to take place so that they are exactly there to take note of it.   In fact,  had they had knowledge of such a meeting, and did not warn the commissioners,  one would have to think other reasons are behind this as well.

I can tell you that Tom Powers and   Boccard are great people.   While doing there service as commissioners they have always acted in the best interest of the city.

On the other hand, let me tell you about our dear governor, Charlie Crist, who is running for US Senator , and knowing that he will probably be defeated is going to high tail it and run as an independent. ( turns out I was right)

My experience is not directly with him, although I have tried numerous times to meet him.  Our company recently had been nominated and was due to receive an Export Achievement Award issued by  The US Department of Commence .  They wanted to give us this award in November of last year.  They contacted our congressman’s office,  Rep. Wexler.   Of course,  since he did ‘t live here but represented us,  Wexler never returned their calls.  I had asked them if the Government can present it,  given the fact that we are a small business woman owned, and after all,  employees people, exports USA made product .  Their answer : Forget it.  Governor Crist has a reputation of saying he is going to be somewhere then cancelling.  He has failed to show at so many events, that people have learned to not expect anything from him.  Of course I didn’t believe this.  After all,  I Voted for him!

So we contacted his offices. Our calls never got answered.  So we contacted people that know him.  He is running for Senator, ( now as an Independant…which fits his profile since he does not really care about anyone but himself)  and this would no doubt be the ‘ Kodak Moment’ for his campaign.  We were told in no uncertain terms, that if we  “Put up $10,000 to his campaign” not only would he show, but he would also make sure to speak to us.   The same governor that has dismissed our two prominent and well respected city commissioners, now will do us the favor if we do him the favor.  The only people be done here, was us, and the entire population of Florida.

I am quite sure of what I don’t like about all of this.  Our city paid Chief of Police who’s position has always been against the Police Unions, coming out and saying he has to do his duty. Keep in mind , when our alleged pedophile mayor ( not the current mayor…he’s a nice guy…. I am talkng about the one two mayors ago) was stopped for allegedly drinking and driving, our police chief made sure to let it go….

Or, I don’t like the fact that a governor that is far from being a saint, decides to suspend the commissioners after it might be clear that they were  in fact ‘setup’.

So now we have 3 people making decisions at the commission level for all of us.  They are actually going to appoint their own ‘stand ins’ until the next November election.

One thing is clear.  We have two great people  who were elected and that have operated in the best interests of the city now suspended, usurping the authority of the people of this city.

Tea Party? Forget about it.  Welcome the Mojito party.


Author: HelpMeHoward