ANTI-VAXXERS refuse to accept the information , testing, studies, and facts of the COVID-19 virus. They refuse to acknowledge the Covid-19 vaccines will save millions of lives. They fill the air with excuses and conspiracy theories. They are the non-believers .

I find it difficult to accept this situation. Most of the very same people I am putting into a category called ” Anti-Vaxxers” are for the most part intelligent. However, just because you are intelligent does not make you smart.

The Anti-Vaxxers refuse to accept the science and the obvious. Everyone of them have their own reasons why they will step aside and not take the vaccine when given the chance. They will refuse to accept the vaccine no matter what the facts are.

The Anti-Vaxxers say they have a right to their opinion. They believe that they have the right NOT to be vaccinated as if it is written in the Constitution as some amendment . However, there are laws against committing suicide and today, not getting a vaccine, may be akin to breaking this law.

Their assumption that it is ok to refuse a vaccine, despite the science telling us to the contrary puts us all at risk. The virus mutates making variants based on more people infected. Without a vaccine in the arm, more people will be infected and the variants make the Vaccine less effective. Not taking the vaccine is contrary to the rights of every American to live safely without the threat of Covid-19.

To understand Anti-Vaxxers we need to examine the basis of many of their claims. Not to make fun of their opinions, but to find a way through the barrier of lack of common sense, and to put to bed their notion they in fact know better. However, listening to their crazy theories makes it impossible to keep a straight face, unless of course you know what is at stake. Lives.

I am sure, you have heard many of the same stories I have heard. The same excuses and the same nonsense. Despite your best efforts to counter their naive internet based dangerous and fake theories, you are exasperated. You shake your head in disbelief. A friend, family member, or someone you used to look up to, is now spewing from their mouths nonsensical BS.

I offer to you a list of some of the worst reasons I have heard so far from these believers in falsehoods, the Anti-Vaxxers amongst us and what I want to say to them:

I don’t want to take the Vaccine since it has not been fully tested

Perhaps this is the most used excuse by the Anti-Vaxxers who confidently say it has not been tested even though it has. Most have no idea as to what testing has to take place before it is considered safe.

Asking them what tests do you want to see happen, or how long do you want to wait, and the look at you starry eyed with quivering lips trying to come up with some answer that will make sense. Don’t wait too long and ask them if Covid-19 virus has been tested.

The answer, it has and so far it has killed 550,000 people in the United States. The one thing we do know is that this virus is dangerous. The other thing we do know is that the Vaccine is safe than the virus – or more importantly, that the Vaccine has been given to more than 100 million people and none have died. Certainly we would have deaths by now if the vaccine was not safe.

Look at it as a score board. Vaccine 100,000,000 Deaths 0 . Covid Virus 30,000,00 Deaths 500,000. If you look at the facts and figures, the one thing you want to do is be on the winning side – Get the Vaccine , since the odds are bad if you get Covid.

If I take the Vaccine, I won’t be able to have babies.

For some reason Anti-Vaxxers have come up with a conclusion without any facts or experience. Vaccines do not target your reproductive organs. However, COVID-19 may negatively affect sperm quality and reduce fertility in men, and the magnitude of that effect may depend on the severity of disease, researchers reported. Again, the score card needs to be looked at, that is, taking the Vaccine wins again.

I don’t want to take the Vaccine because it will change my DNA

False, Impossible and Stupid.

I am not even sure if you have any knowledge of molecular biology or what DNA really is. Instead you fell for some article or some rumor and immediately your DNA absorbed this falsehood. Maybe the mRNA affects the STP connects to the FLL and increase your FPL bill? I want none of that!

I don’t want to take the Vaccine because they are inserting a radio transmitter in my body to track me

Answer : NO, they aren’t inserting  a transmitter – But they are inserting a Vacuum Cleaner. 

Great. THE DEEP STATE thinks you are amongst the 350 million Americans and the more than 6 billion people in this world are of interest. You deserve the attention of a government who wants to follow you around? Are you a terrorist or drug dealer perhaps? I doubt it.

First, radio transmission devices need something called Batteries. Even a small one, like a hearing aid battery. It can’t fit into the needle to inject you with it let alone the body of the syringe. You would notice it , wouldn’t you ? A piece of metal floating around in the sea of 6 ml of Vaccine ? Then , when this battery discharges, how do you charge or change it ?

Second , to transmit a radio signal through body you need enough energy to contact a radio receiver. However, your skin, fluids etc., absorb energy at 1.5 Gigahertz which is the frequency of the GPS signal coming from a satellite in orbit. No GPS . No tracking. A battery, the same size as a cell phone needs to be injected at the same time a tracking device. Besides, even with a cell phone you get dropped calls and it’s not even in your body! Let me put you at ease. Use the DNA excuse. It at least sounds better.

I don’t want to take a vaccine, because I believe all of this Covid thing is BS. I think everyone one else who took it will die, and I want to be the person who survives.

If you survive when everyone else dies, then there is no hope for the human race.

To believe this you need to ignore the actual statistics to negate the fact 1/2 million people have died. They would not have in normal situations. You are the person who says ” They would have died anyway “.

The problem with this fact is we are all dying anyway. It is all a matter of time as to when we will die. Certainly, a healthy person who is 40 years old, has a good chance of dying before he reaches 100 years. This is because if you look around, there a not a lot of Centenarians around, are they? People say you are going to die anyway are the people who still smoke cigarettes.

The mere fact people with underlying conditions does not mean they deserve to die earlier then they would have. People with Diabetes for instance, can lead a normal life and be around in their 90’s. A 50 year old, with diabetes, who gets covid might die, even though they take their insulin.

Anti-Vaxxer, you decide people with problems are ok to die younger than they would have if they didn’t get covid. How does this relate to your reality of the world? Perhaps you have an underlying condition you don’t know about. How about, only Ignorant People die? Anti-Vaxxers have decided they are smarter than Albert Einstein (for those anti-vaxxers, Albert Einstein never ran for president).

I Won’t Take the Vaccine Because Donald trump Didn’t Take It.

I’m the first person who says ” Thank G_d for Trump’. Without him and operation warp speed this miracle vaccine would never have been made available to everyone. To burst your balloon TRUMP GOT THE VACCINE. Yes, that is right, he took it himself, including his wife Melania in January before he left office. CLICK HERE FOR FOX NEWS LINK TO ARTICLE PROVING THIS. Both Shots, even though they had and recovered from Covid. That is because having gotten the disease once, Trump knows exactly how important it is not to get it again.

A greater reason to take the Vaccine. According to Trump supporters, according to the Trump Supporters, all the dead people sent in mail-in ballots. They also say that dead people only vote Democrat. ( CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE ) . In effect, you hold the balance of power in the next election. the dead people mailed in their ballots and voted for Democrats. If you don’t take the vaccine and happen to die, might result in an additional vote for the other side. There is a 2% chance of dying if you get Covid-19 . There will be 2% less Republicans voting in the next election for Trump. That is why you need to do as Trump did and take the damn vaccine.

I Don’t NEED to Take the Vaccine – I Believe The LORD Will Save Me

Who do you think gave you the vaccine in the first place ? If you are a true believer, then you would believe anything savng lives must come from G_D. The Vaccine is G_DLY! Everyone I heard took the vaccine is saying Thank You G_d! Oh G_D! Thank G_d! .

Don’t you get it ? Never before has there been any vaccine developed so quickly so effective against a disease only the Devil could have inflicted on humanity. As a religious person you are willing to attribute everything else to G_d, the miracles, the wonders. How come you can’t see the miracle of the vaccine? Instead of embracing G_d’s will, you are being unrespectful and unworthy of the manna G_d has given you from heaven.

How would the passage in the Bible look if Covid-19 inflicted the people ? Perhaps something like this:

Chapter 2021

And it came to pass that Evil caused a plague to descend upon the people of the Lord, and many were afflicted by disease and many died.

And the people cried out to G_D, for a miracle,

And G_D heard the suffering of the people, and sent angels to deliver to them a great miracle. There names were Pfizer, Moderna, Jannessen, and Astrazeneca.

And it came to pass there were doubters amongst the people of G_D who refused to accept the miracle .

And G_D Said “ Why have you forsaken the miracle I am giving to you and you should create doubt in the minds of my people ? Surely you are not worthy of my salvation. Repent Now! Accept my gift”

And the doubting people repented and came forward together with those willingly accepting the salvation of G_D . And the people of the Lord were saved from the destruction cast upon by evil.

No more disease was upon the land. And the people of the Lord built and alter in memory of the great miracle and called it M R N A.


I. Et factum est autem ut moreretur fecit quod malum est plaga descendat in populo Dei, multa sunt et quamvis secus suaderent morbi multi, et mortuus est.

II. Et exclamavit populus ad Dominum pro miraculo litteris mandaverit.

III. Deus pro eo quod laboravit populus audivit, et misit ad eos póterunt, quæ libera est grande miraculum. Laboratorium Pfizer ibi nomina fuerunt, Moderna, Jannessen et Astrazeneca.

IV. Et factum est, fuerunt contemptores Dei, qui noluerunt accipere in populum alterum.

V. Et fuit Deus, “Cur reliquistis ego praecipio vobis et si partum edidisset dubio in animo populi mei? Nonne tu es dignus salutis meae. Similiter pœnitentiam age nunc! Accipe munusculum ”

VI. qui cum ascendisset turba dubitanti libenter accipio lubens salutare Dei gratiam terra proiecta interitu erepta malis vires.

VII. abstulit Deus plaga in populo. Morbus ultra super terram. Et consurgentes extruxerunt altare in memoria, et in miraculum, quod dedit illis Deus, et vocavit illud M P N A

פרק ה ז ח א

א.והיה כי הרע גרם למגפה לרדת על עם האלוהים, ורבים נגועים במחלות ורבים מתו.

ב.והעם צעק לאלוהים על נס.

ג.אלוהים שמע את סבל העם ושלח מלאכים למסור להם נס גדול. שם היו פייזר, מודרנה, ג’אנסן ואסטראזנקה.

ד. והיה כי היו ספקים בקרב אנשי האלוקים שסירבו לקבל את הנס.

ה. ואלוהים אמר :מדוע נטשת את הנס שאני נותן לך ועליך ליצור ספק במוחי עמי? בוודאי אינך ראוי לישועתי. חזרו בתשובה עכשיו! קבל את המתנה שלי

ו. האנשים המפקפקים התייצבו יחד עם אלה שקיבלו ברצון את ישועת אלוהים ומקבלים בשמחה את המתנה שאלוהים והארץ ניצלו מההרס שהטילו כוחות רשעים.

ז. אלוהים ריפא את אנשי המגיפה. לא הייתה עוד מחלה על הארץ. והעם בנה ושינה לזכר הנס הגדול שאלוקים נתן להם וכינה אותו מרנא

Στο έτος 2021

Και έγινε ότι το κακό προκάλεσε μια πληγή στο λαό του ΘΕΟΥ, και πολλοί υπέφεραν από ασθένεια και πολλοί πέθαναν.
Και οι άνθρωποι φώναξαν στον ΘΕΟ για ένα θαύμα,
Και ο ΘΕΟΣ άκουσε τα δεινά του λαού, και έστειλε τους αγγέλους να τους παραδώσουν ένα μεγάλο θαύμα. Υπήρχαν ονόματα Pfizer, Moderna, Jannessen και Astrazeneca.
Και συνέβη ότι υπήρχαν αμφιβολίες μεταξύ των ανθρώπων του ΘΕΟΥ που αρνήθηκαν να δεχτούν το θαύμα.
Και ο Θεός είπε: Γιατί εγκαταλείψατε το θαύμα που σας δίνω και πρέπει να δημιουργήσετε αμφιβολίες στο μυαλό των λαών μου; Σίγουρα δεν αξίζετε τη σωτηρία μου. Μετανοήστε τώρα! Αποδεχτείτε το δώρο μου »
Και οι αμφιλεγόμενοι άνθρωποι μετανοήθηκαν και εμφανίστηκαν μαζί με εκείνους που δέχτηκαν πρόθυμα τη σωτηρία του ΘΕΟΥ. Και οι άνθρωποι του ΘΕΟΥ σώθηκαν από την καταστροφή που υπέστη το κακό.
Δεν υπήρχε άλλη ασθένεια στη γη. Και οι άνθρωποι του ΘΕΟΥ έχτισαν και άλλαξαν στη μνήμη του μεγάλου θαύματος και το ονόμασαν M R N A

The good news is it is not too late to repent. Just get the Vaccine, and say a blessing :

” Thank you Lord for sustaining me during these bad times and giving me your miracle, this vaccine of which I am about to receive,” (for those waited and refused vaccine add the following : “although I am not worthy since I have doubted your grace , and hope you will forgive me” ) “as I accept your life giving gift with all my heart and soul. ”

This is what I had said before I got the Vaccine. Thank you G_d for giving me this miracle . I only hope fellow believers do the same.

No One Knows The Future : Get Vaccinated

I am quite certain there are other reasons you may have for getting the vaccine. Maybe because you do not trust the government, or you believe there was no such thing as measles and polio, or you are just afraid the vaccine will make you sick. There are so many reasons for an intelligent person to do something stupid, given the facts, and the risks. Maybe you are Smoker who goes around puffing away at the cigarettes saying ‘ Everyone is going to die someday: ”

Ask yourself if you get Covid-19, and are the unlucky person that may get it in a bad way, like 550,000 others that died and you need the ventilator. The doctor comes along and says to you have only a few minutes to live , but you could have lived longer, if only you had taken the vaccine. If you could turn back time, get the vaccine and not die …. would you have done so ?

Too bad none of us know the future. Too bad to those who died  before us, could not have a choice – the one they could have taken -A Vaccine to save their life, Of the 550,000 people, if they had the choice would them have not taken it ?

Get the Vaccine. Now. Don’t wait. Do it for religious reasons, for THE LORD. Do it for personal reasons.You don’t want to get sick or infect anyone around you. Do it for Patriotic reasons as Americans always want to save lives. No matter your reasons, just do it. Stop with the excuses.

– Howard Melamed


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