Bowling And Golf – We NEED To Watch LIVE Sports On TV – NOW – To Reduce Our Stress And Bring Us HOPE – A Guide to How To Do It.

It can all start with Golf.

I can go to the bank, grocery store, pharmacy, gas station, liquor store , gun shop, or stand in line for unemployment insurance, stand in line for voting, then why can’t certain professional sports be played and televised LIVE? We need to lower the stress level , since all Television can show us these days are death counts and other bad news. There is no hope being promoted – a silver lining so to speak – as no one is trying to help you deal with the pandemic and panic.

It makes no sense that we cannot continue with professional sporting events, live , for all of us to have some form of entertainment. I have already run out of any good shows to watch on TV or any movie that I can rent, ( I am on the replay of Harry Potter) that we cannot get a good old spirited Golf match going.

Bring back GOLF ! I want to watch what would normally be a boring sport on TV live, with the commercials, with a drink in my hand sitting on my couch in my home, while hunkering down due to this Covid-19 thing. It’s amazing how much I miss it. I crave it. Something!Anything but watching CNN / Fox / MSNBC and the ilk.

There is no reasons why Golf tournaments cannot be played live on TV. The golf course is a pretty big place. Each player can be socially separated since most don’t like each other anyway. the USGA already has published rule modifications regarding COVID-19 ( Click Here to see them ) In addition I offer the following protocols to add to the safety of the game and have professional tournaments ASAP :

  1. If possible every player will be tested on the day of the tournament and disqualified if positive. In lieu of testing, if they have a fever or cough they are disqualified. ( this will no doubt force them to quarantine themselves 14 days prior. )
  2. Keep at least 10 feet from the next player. One person at a time on the tee. One golf cart per person.
  3. The Caddy must have a face mask, gloves, remain 6 feet way from the player and use alcohol to rub down the club and ball before handing them to the player.
  4. Replace Ball Washing stations with Alcohol.
  5. Increase the tournament round time to 2 days per round instead of 1 day with each player playing 9 rounds successively.
  6. Production crews, security staff and tournament workers need to have masks, gloves and keepo social distancing.
  7. Spectators limited to healthcare works, police and fire people at no charge

If they implement this, the TV audience around the world will be in the 10’s of millions. It’s a money maker! This protocol can be used for any other individual sport, like Tennis, Bowling, Archery, and even Ping Pong. I will even watch DARTS, as long as it is LIVE !

How about Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, BasketBall ?

All that needs to be implemented is a 21 day quarantine period where we get all of the athletes in a stadium , rent a hotel and no one can come in or out. During that time, every athlete is to be tested daily. The athletes need to be placed in groups of 6 ( thinking about hockey) , and quarantined together. Each group of six cannot interact with any other group , but can practice together, eat and reside.

It is important to remember that these major sports athletes make millions and millions of dollars, and for the inconvenience they are being paid major money. They will not be able to visit their families for the few months they will be playing in the league. But isn’t this worth it? Being able to show up every day and play the game you love and get paid for it?

The officials for the game and anyone in direct contact with the players ( managers, coaching staff, security teams, etc will need to follow the same protocol as well.

Televising these games are not difficult at all. Everything is automated these days, that even the cameras can be remotely controlled. We can use Drone Cameras as well. People will be employed, and millions of people will tune in to the games as if they were the Olympics!

We need to put our minds together and come up with other ways to promote the future and the way we may have to live in this future. Why not have a Rock concert live ? The band members can keep their social distancing and we can get Netflix, or Amazon or someone with some guts to broadcast the event live. How about Opera ? BRING IT ON!

We are going to have to come up with the protocols to be put in place so we can safely go about as much as the ‘New Normal’ as possible. With the solutions comes HOPE .

The quicker we can move this to fruition the lower the stress level will be for all of us. I would rather be watching the scoreboard of a sporting event then, to put it plainly, the death scoreboard presented by the news media. I know the seriousness of the situation, and since there is nothing I can do about it that I am not already doing, time to stop stressing me out and giving us all something that removes the stress.

We need positive messaging in this time of crisis. The Leadership in these times that athletes can provide us with will give us HOPE that there will be a day soon when all of this is behind us.

Author: HelpMeHoward