Bravo! Bravo Peruvian Kitchen
Delicious Ceviche and Fantastic Pisco Sours

Coral Springs  now has a new Peruvian restaurant ,  Bravo Peruvian Kitchen , located at  9711 W Sample Road. They just opened up two months ago. They offer you an   upscale   Peruvian dining experience which includes  Ceviche  and they know how to make a great Pisco Sour .

The menu is well thought out , making it easy and not confusing to make the right choice. The ambiance is slick and clean. When you walk in a simple bar with a few seats greets you. A blend of Peruvian  pastel colors with just the right light level makes a  a great first impression.

We started with their Pisco Sour. It was delicious with the right combination of lime juice, Pisco, simple syrup and of course egg white.  Shaken perfectly  and crafted for us by Derek, a bright waiter with a great attitude.  A perfect start to the dining experience.  We could not just have one so we ordered another 🙂

The Menu is simple.  We shared the Tamal appetizer, which was cooked perfectly.  With three   different types of Ceviche dishes to choose from, our choice was Ceviche de La Casa (house special) with the offered upgrade for a few dollars to Corvina instead of the a tilapia style fish.

The presentation of the food was impressive, and the first thing that came to mind was “I hope the food is as good as it looks” 🙂  It was perfect.  The right combination of the fresh lime juice, and Aji Amarillo cream blended with the fish provided a mouth watering experience .  ( We  had  to order another ) .

Of course, they have    Leche de Tigre  or “Tiger’s Milk”  ,  ( no one milked a tiger  – just a name).  You need to order this cup of Ceviche on the spicy side to get the real Tiger experience – once you had it , you will know what this means.

Although we did not have room for dessert, we did try another Pisco Sour, this time made with a blackberry-fermented corn liquid that was not offered on the menu.  I would suggest you ask Derek for it – and hopefully this delightful well balanced cocktail will be on the future menus.

Bravo Peruvian Kitchen will no doubt be our new go to  restaurant and of course we are looking forward to drinking more Pisco sours!

Author: HelpMeHoward