Gas Prices in Coral Springs: The Big Rip Off!

The cost of property per square foot in Coral Springs is about the same in the North or South parts of the city, so then why is the price of gas different? For that matter, why is the price of gas different in this city even if it’s the same company?   Take Shell for instance, its price for regular gas is $1.49 at their Coral Ridge and Sawgrass Expressway station, but it’s $1.65 at their Riverside and Sample location. That’s 16 cents difference and only 2 miles apart As a matter of fact, The Riverside station has not changed its price in over 2 months even though the price of gas has declined. You  wonder what the reasoning behind it is, other than ripping us off! However, we are an easy target if we continue to buy gas at the Riverside location.

Even HESS, considered to be the lowest price gas  has a 2 cent difference between Coral Springs Drive and Royal Palm location (used to be Amoco) and their Wiles Road location.

Being ripped off is when a company determines that we are not intelligent  enough to shop around for the best price in gas. Obviously , some of us can’t be bothered with “look before you pump” philosophy.  After all, you are already there, what’s a few cents a gallon more anyway? The oil companies count on that type of attitude, especially with a young city like ours. We are easy prey. Even our City Commission  is involved in the process  as a result of their sign ordinances that does not allow stations to post their prices more prominently.  Currently the signs can’t be greater than 6″ in height.  Some stations don’t even post the price. It is no coincidence that the station with the highest price gas, Shell at Riverside and Sample Road, does not display its price.   We have more than 31  Gas stations in Coral Springs, and we also have some of the highest prices in Broward County. With so many gas stations, how come there isn’t better pricing? It is because they don’t have to! .

Many believe that one company has a different product that the other one.  Shell is better for your engine than Hess, or Texaco. I will let you in on a little secret….They buy from each other anyways. The only difference between gasoline companies is the additives (Detergents). Sure one can give you a cleaner engine…..but if you are like most people and keep your car for 3-5 years, chances are you will not even notice the difference. Besides, when was the last time you sold a car and someone asked you what gas company did you buy from?

I spoke with someone at HESS to find out exactly what is going on.  He told me that someone goes around in Coral Springs and looks at everyone else’s prices and keeps them either even with or just behind the competition.  We bumped into the regional manager of Mobil and he says that they look at everyone else’s prices and puts their prices right in the average.  Isn’t that a form of price fixing?  The problem with this is that they have no competition and their pricing practices just leads us to more inflation.  Instead of getting a reasonable profit, they get as much as they can charge.  Mobil has recorded a record profit in a time where gas prices have increases drastically. How is that possible unless we are all getting gouged by the oil companies.

Let’s do something about it. Just refuse to buy gas in this city. If you must, buy gas at the lowest priced stations. What about the quality of gas from one station to the next? If you believe there really is a major difference, you must be one of those people that really don’t care how much they pay for gas…..

Attention Gas Station Owners! If you disagree with us, please email us with your opinion and we will post it here.

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FYI: Currently 9 cents of the price per gallon of gas goes to Broward County. They have the right under law to increase that to 11 cents in the future. Based upon a formulated sharing program with the county, the City of Coral Springs gets 3.13% of that amount.  

We dropped the .009 in all the prices. ex: $1.559= 155.
Please keep in mind that prices fluctuate daily.
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AS OF JAN 14 2001


Author: HelpMeHoward