Polls and Poles : Which ones are really right with it comes to a US Presidential Election

October 5,2008

I am confused.  I thought that the US Presidential Elections would be between two candidates all competing  for position with regard to my vote. Instead, what I see is an election with the competing factions being the Polls.   The recent Palin Biden debate showed that depending on which television program you were watching would dictate what the polls would tell you. I don’t understand.   Isn’t a Poll supposed to be an unbiased testing of the response to a series of questions?  If that were true then all polls would in fact be very closely aligned.  That isn’t so.  What do we really have here?  It is the biased reporting of  the news media trying to influence my vote by telling me how the majority is voting and that I should go along.   No way Jose.  I am an intelligent voter; at least I think I am.

An intelligent voter knows that CBS, CNN, ABC, NBC,  and MSBC are trying to shape public opinion by pushing all they can for Obama.  The networks make sure that the majority of the so called commentators are for Obama and therefore any viewer that watches these networks are flooded with nothing but positive Obama messages, and nothing but McCain negative comments.

Fox on the other hand,  has the most unbiased reporting, and at least with their programming has Hannity and Colmes and others that clearly indicate no bias.  It was not surprising that Fox polls showed  Palin beating Biden when the other networks are the reverse.

What do we really have here?  Well the intelligent voter that wants to hear unbiased reporting is tuning in on Fox and the others, the ones that are the Obamites and refuse to see it any other way, well, they are tuning in to those programs that reinforce their opinions.

Last week I received a survey from Obama’s camp asking me to vote on whether Obama is ready to be President and for doing so, they will give me a $500 gift certificate.  Thanks.   Another Poll, trying to influence my vote by asking me the right biased question.

The problem with Polls is that you cannot trust their opinion.  Remember the CBS exit poll at the last Presidential elections? They claimed that Kerry was beating Bush and when it was not true.   Bush went on to beat Kerry overwhelmingly.  CBS Dan Rather at that time said “How can this be?” .  Democrats said that the election must be fixed since the Polls indicated that the President should have been Kerry. No one ever dared to say that maybe, just maybe, the Polls are wrong.         The Polls were wrong.       The election proved that.

So I was thinking about those Polls and thought about those Poles.  Those people in the great country of Poland whom I visit very often since I have a subsidiary business office and warehouse in the town called Lodz  (pronounced Woodge).  Poland is made up of mostly pro American people, since they remember that we stood by them in 1985 when they declared independence from the communist Soviet Union.  Given the fact that real Poles are Poles, then we should do nothing but listen to these guys who are experts on Poles.

Poles cannot figure out what is going on in the United States. If you ask them , they cannot understand why anyone would vote for Obama, someone that is only two years experience in the Senate.  They certainly wouldn’t .

They also would not vote for someone who pushes socialized medicine as the Democrats do.   Why would you do that knowing that the best healthcare in  the world is in the United States?

Then there is the question of why you would vote for someone like Obama,  to be commander and chief who never was in the military.  In Poland everyone must service in the Military.  There is a mandatory draft.  Most Poles are shocked to find that the US Military is made up of volunteers.

“You don’t want to fight for your country?” They ask.   “Why did Obama not enlist?  Is he not patriotic? ”

Good question that no one on CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC ever asked Obama.

However, they were surprised  to learn that Obama would,  if elected, give $1000 ( 2200 zloty)  back to the 95% of the  taxpayers. They were flabbergasted when Biden said ” It is Patriotic to pay taxes ”

“You mean you pay taxes to be Patriotic only to have the taxes given back? Why do they take it away in the first place? ”

Another good question.  I had no answer.

It reminded them of the old communist Poland where the government would take care of them, or at least promise that they would.  Every Pole used to get money from the government to buy bread,  milk and  eggs.  The problem was that they had to wait in line for eggs, milk and bread….long lines.  Sometimes there were no bread eggs and milk left in the store they stood in line for.  Even though they had the government money, they had no jobs, no work, and they couldn’t buy anything.

Poles don’t trust government that says they are going to give them something for nothing.  They never trusted the communists, the ones  that promised them money and prosperity but never delivered on any of them.  Poles do not need Polls to tell them how to vote and what they feel.

Poles however do believe in Democracy, and in case you haven’t heard the news lately, they have the number one growing European economy.  They have us to thank for this.  Ironically, the United States of America has a lot to learn from a country that they taught what democracy was really about.

One thing is for certain.   I do not believe in Polls.  The Poles taught me that.


Author: HelpMeHoward