Sit back, Osama Bin Laden. Watch our News Media do it for you

The news media for the sake of selling their ‘commercial time’ are acting irresponsibly and sending everyone into a panic.

For weeks now, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC etc, have been broadcasting reports about the Biological and chemical Weaponry saying that this was an easy way to attack America. On September 11 Osama Bin Laden’s henchmen bombed the World Trade Center not with a Biological Weapon or Chemical Weapon but with a make shift cruise missile made up of the airplanes that they hijacked. It was a simple plan and it utilized the weaknesses of our security system at the airports. But, from then on, our media consistently broadcasted with several special programs how we were susceptible to Biological and Chemical Attacks. The media, was hyping it to the point that someone took them up on their offer and actually used Anthrax by sending it to…you guessed it. the media.

So now according to the Media we have an ‘Outbreak’ of Anthrax. According to the facts we have no such thing. ‘Outbreak’ is associated with many many people contracting something. When there is an outbreak of food poisoning, several hundred people get infected. An outbreak of a flu means that thousands will get the flu. According to the facts, only 1 person has died from Anthrax, the man in Boca Raton, and 1 person has a skin rash from it. That’s it. The others that the media claims to have Anthrax have only the Anthrax spores, and very little of them. The mail worker in Boca had only a few. According the Center for Disease and Control, several thousand spores are needed to create the disease in our bodies. The positive test that they are publicizing is only a test of the spores not the disease. Even though someone may have the spores, they may not get the disease at all. They are only taking the medication for preventative measures.

Regardless, the Media is hyping the issues and broadcasting reports that aren’t even confirmed. They are acting irresponsibly and are creating real terror to America. Is this the role we want the media to play in our lives?

Take the Reno incident as an example. October 12 they announced that there was Anthrax in Nevada, California and New York. They found out that in fact there wasn’t . How many people in these places appreciated being frightened by the irresponsible news media?

What is even more puzzling is that when they find out that they were wrong in a particular announcement, they bury the story. On to the next ‘Scare’ headline they go without even caring how many people they terrify.

Now they are reporting that the non-outbreak of Anthrax is possibly a terrorist attack. How come they aren’t reporting the reverse to calm the public? ‘Anthrax is possibly not a terrorist attack’ would calm the public down a little. But that is not their job. Their job is creating the news and the panic that it entails.

Isn’t it time that we demand that our news media change their ‘National Enquirer’ type behavior? Osama Bin Laden really doesn’t have to physically attack America anymore. All he has to do is let the press terrorize us for him. He then can sit back and let us all scare ourselves to death.


Author: HelpMeHoward