Coral Springs Florida , January 6 2020: In case you are one of those seniors waiting in line or trying to logon to the website to get your appointment, one of the reasons why they have run out of appointments, is that Canadian snowbirds are also logging on the website booking their own appointments. There is no filtering of this, since Governor DeSantis, and his minions distributing the vaccine have given any thought to the citizens of our state , putting them first in line to receive the dose. Why not ask the question : are you a Florida Resident? Or Citizen of the United States? or Legal Immigrant? Would that not be reasonable ? These Canadians are placed ‘First in Line’ and all they need to pay for is the plane ticket !

Take a look at this article in a Canadian newspaper, Global New , on January 5, 2020, I quote:

“Anyone who can prove they are 65 years of age and older is eligible to receive a vaccine at no cost in Florida,” a spokesperson at the Florida Department of Health told Global News on Monday.”

Furthermore they stated :

It is one of the few U.S. states ( Florida ) that has started rolling out vaccines to people beyond the key groups of front-line health-care workers and long-term care homes. And no proof of residency or citizenship seems to be required, which means Canadian snowbirds and other older seasonal visitors are also able to get vaccinated.

Can you imagine? I am under 65 yrs of age and cannot get my due, and a Canuck from the north makes an appointment and steals it from me and you. How does this make sense and how is this fair ?

Why is this allowed to happen, especially since DeSantis had no plan or idea in place to deliver the vaccine as soon as it was released. He had plenty of warning though, as he was cushy cushy with the President ( Trump). We all knew Operation Warp Speed had the vaccine ready to go by the end of 2020. We read the news. How come he didn’t ?

How is it possible that you and I have to wait in line to get our dose, and those Canadians, the ones that are here only because a) its too damn cold in Canada, b) their own government has failed them.

To add insult to injury , the Canadians don’t even have to pay for it. We are giving the Vaccine for free. You and I, citizens of this country that pay our taxes, are paying for their vaccine while we wait for our dose in line or online. They are even laughing about it. – What succers we Americans are.

It is absolute madness and DeSantis seems to be the main idiot.

Author: HelpMeHoward