Citizens Can have Their Fire Stations Back  and $500,000

by Howard Melamed

Coral Springs 07/11/03: First DraftThe city Commissioners decided to do what they know how to do best. Nothing. Nothing at all as a matter of fact. By doing nothing the citizens of Coral Springs now have back their 2 fire stations that they wanted to take away, Station 95 and Station 64.

This was accomplished by getting the commissioners to see how stupid it was to close the fire stations. Mike Levenson, a brilliant but sometimes too eager City manager led the commissioners on a path that would have saved the city a lot of money but it would have also reduced the fire effectiveness of the Fire Department. So he pressured Fire Chief Haupt to come up with a plan that I am certain the Chief really didn’t like but had to present. That was to reduce the fire stations and build another one. This would have left to fewer firefighters in our city. According to the firefighters who already claim that the fire department is not up to a standard that they themselves would like to see, they felt that if anything we needed to hire more firefighters. Even the Mayor of Margate got into the act by coming to the city commission meeting and telling all the commissioners what kind of schmucks they were for even thinking about it. In fact ” Having more Firefighters make you look good” said the elected official to the other ones in the room. The mayor was right. The fire fighters were right. The commissioners were wrong and they were man and women enough to do absolutely nothing about it.

They came to the same decision about their increase in health insurance benefits. The city Commissioners, lead by Commissioner Alan Polin decided that it was in all of the citizens benefit to allow them to have more health insurance at a cost of over $500,000. With all of the outcry and one lone citizen  by the name of Joe Morera .  It was also because of all of the email that the commissioners have received as well, except for Commissioners Berk and Polin who don’t read their email.

What’s next on their ‘ let’s piss the public off’  policy? Maybe the City Manager will decide to close the parks on Saturday and Sunday’s . Maybe they will save the money and not have fire works on July 4th. They can still do a lot of damage until 3 out of the 5 retire from office next election. Or will they change that  law again to allow them to have an extended stay?


Author: HelpMeHoward