CS Fire Department Still in Business Despite Hazing

by Howard Melamed

Coral Springs: May 27/03

A recent event known as Hazing, placed the  Coral Springs Fire Department once again on the front pages of the Sun Sentinel.  This occurred when 5 out of  200 members of the fire department decided to indoctrinate a new member of the squad, who happened to be female.  They tied her up (hog tied as someone would put it) and she actually feared that she may be raped or even worse, she might have had to endure having the food of the fire department cook on duty that particular evening shoved down her throat. She was frightened and scared, but no rape occurred and she was not hurt in the incident. Physiologically however, she suffered a trauma, that might forever make her hate men. No doubt she will sue the department and no doubt our great city will end up paying no matter what. The  fire department personnel that created this upheaval of excitement and newsworthy stories at the sun sentinel will suffer the consequences as well, as they will no doubt be fired from their positions and probably be brought up on charges. All of this being done because she was a women, and after all, all the males , and commissioner  Alan Polin, want to come to her defense. It is truly the only Southern thin’ to do.

But here is the good news…..The Fire Department is still in business! Who would have ‘thunk’ it. 

Yes, Sally is once again hot on the trail of Chief Haupte, and once again waiting for the opportunity to fire (no pun intended) a striking word or to in the possibility that the Chief might be unseated, and rumors at the fire department would make writing stories about them easier….oh, how I miss those days.

But the good news is that the fire department is still in business.

Oh, ya, the city commissioners are making speeches, about how this kind of stuff can’t be allowed to continue while at the same time talking out of the side of their mouths probably telling the chief not to worry, the fire will die down, and it will be biz as usual.  That will be a problem for the Sun Sentinel, who has taken every opportunity to slam the city whenever they get a chance. I thought that was my responsibility!

Listening to the scanner on the site, another call from the 911 dispatch of Coral Springs, another accident with injuries, and the fire department is responding…That’s because the fire department is still in business…

What a strange place we live in…

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I read the article “Coral Springs Fire Department Still in Business despite Hazing” by Howard Melamed and was appalled at his comments concerning women and southerners. I was also shocked at his usage of the English language and his spelling.

If I may, I would suggest Mr. Melamed do a through background check on his wonderful Chief Haupt. Hopefully, after the background check he would know the Chief’s character more thoroughly and also learn the correct spelling of his last name.

This is the first article that I have read by Mr. Melamed and it will be my last. Thank goodness for reporters like “Sally” who are professionals with a real job.

Do not let this one die! I am totally for A punishment of the firefighters involved in this incident, however; how could a subordinate firefighters be fired when the officers on duty who are ultimately in charge be demoted.

Ask the City of Coral Springs “why if the firefighter who left the zone, showed up at the station where the hazing took place, did the officer in charge not immediately send him back to his station or zone?” If the OFFICER IN CHARGE had done his job, and acted like OFFICERS IN CHARGE, the firefighters who lost there jobs would not have been allowed in the zone or allowed “by the supervisor” to participate.

It seems as if someone is taking the fall for the ranking officers and ultimately the Chief of Coral Springs Fire Department.



Author: HelpMeHoward