Vote for Clinton, Jones and no sales tax increase. Why ?

So here we are at the stretch of nothing that can be called anything less than a circus.  So much is at stake when you think about it , and so much hatred will no doubt linger way beyond the election.

I have never seen anything like this in the two countries that I have had a privilege in being a citizen of.  Canada is my birthplace and I legally immigrated to the USA in 1992 to become a US Citizen in the year 2000.  I though that was a strange election, since I was able to vote for both Al Gore and George Bush at teh same time 🙂   I have voted for Republicans and Democrats, choosing the candidate that best reflected my position  on issues and as well my understanding of the world.   My viewpoints are local – living in Coral Springs for more than 24 years, and worldwide.  I have travelled to more than 50 countries and do business with 26 of them.  To me the election comes down to a few issues that are really in any of the candidates control.  No politican can cure the sick, feed the hungry, and stop any wars.  We all know that.  But it is what they can do that we need to focus on and determine who exactly will be the best choice for the position.  Take the emotion out of it and use some brain power and you will arrive at what I have already know to be the right vote.   I offer my views and logic hoping that you they will resonate in some way.

Clinton Versus Trump :  VOTE Clinton.

To me,  this is not even a close choice.  None of these candidates can do what they tell you they are going to do.  With taxes and spending, the President can only offer congress suggestions, and they can never ever lower your tax rate. They simply do not sign the checks.  Congress does.  So when you see 19 trillion dollars in debt or deficits or higher taxes,  Congress does this to you and they are the only ones that can fix it.

Clintons  email scandal  has not affected me in any way since I did not use her server. In fact she did all of us a favor, since no one , not even wiki leaks, has been able to break into it.  IN fact, all of the email problems came about on the US Government Server! where Russia and Wiki Leaks were able to compromise.  Had Clintons emails been on the server, everyone would have had access to whatever material was there. Instead, we can thank our FBI for releasing the confidential emails to the world.  All in all, I do not know what the big deal is here.  No matter what the outcome of the election,  this will continue. If she loses, Trump has promised to put her in jail –  without a trial.  If she wins, the Republicans will continue the wasteful spending on trying to prosecute her.  It’s a wash

Trump scandals are on the other hand, far greater. Trump university, his groping of women, his attacks on immigrants( yes coming from Canada I am an immigrant),  his lack of being a ‘Mench’ , these are issues for me.   I am for a woman’s right to choose, Supreme Court justices that are unbiased,  free trade,  and more importantly not putting US Military in harms way in the Middle east to ‘take the Oil Fields’ or bomb the hell out of ISIS which would result in thousands more killings .   It is not even close.

I voted for Clinton based on five main issues :  1) I trust her with nuclear weapons.  2) I believe in honoring our trade agreements, which she will.  3) I know she will not put our troops in harms way unless it is the last resort.  4) I don’t want to go back to the middle ages with the Angry White Men running this country.   5) I am scared about what trouble Trump will get us into and what damage he will do to our country.  With Clinton, we will coast for another 4 years just like the last 8 where my business ( and Trump’s) grew, jobs came back and our economy is on the right track.   These are the 5 points.

Clinton is my choice.

Jones Versus Vignola:  Vote Jones.

I am no Larry Vignola fan.  He was the one that voted for building the new city hall two years ago when it was supposed to cost no more than $28 million dollars.   Today, this Taj Mahal , as he called it, will cost a mere $40,000,000 which is 130% more than the original budget.  Who votes for stuff like this and gets away with it?  Vignola!

Then then there is the term limit issue.  If Vignola wins this election, he has the right to remain seated for a full 4 years, which means at the end of his tenure, he would have served 10 years : two years more than 8 year term limits imposed by the city commission several years ago.  How is this possible?  The commissioners at that time put a FU clause that basically says that no matter that there are term limits, anyone runnign for office for a position of 4 years can stay for a full term.  VIgnola’s first election was for a position that the previous commisison vacated after 2 years.   Then he ran for a full 4 year term.  That’s 6 years, still less than 8.  Now he is running for another term, which happens to be 4 years. That would put him at 10 years, and by that time who knows. He may increase term limits by 130%, the same deal he did when he increased the city hall budget from $28 million to $40 million.  He needs to get another job becuse he is burying us in debt, and still getting relected and paid for it.

Jones on the other hand is new.  We need new.  Vote Jones.

Sales Tax Increase 1/2 Percent  + 1/2 Percent  = 1% = 7%  VOTE NO

Voting to increase the sales tax is like hitting yourself over the head with a hammer.  Why would you do it?  You want to pay more ?

I am not sure why anyone would support increasing the sales tax in this county to fund  a Bus project or give our city more money to waste.  The Tax increase petition was a carefully drafted con job perpertrated by the county and city poilitians.  They basically got together and divided up the ‘take’ and negotiated with themsleves a way to increase their revenues by getting more out of our pockets.

My objection is that these guys never sat down and tried to save money to reduce the sales tax, which stimulates people going out and buying.  Instead, our city commissioners are spending money like no tomorrow, case in point the $40 million dollar fiasco called the Coral Springs City Hall or Golden Palace, which was supposed to cost no more than $18,000,000 then no more than $21, million then 28 , 35 and now $40,000,000.  So if we give them more they will mismanage the money and we will be paying more.

The county wants more money to wastefully spend it bus service  and servicing our roads.  We already pay taxes for this.  Where is it going?  A bus service  that no one uses?  Roadways that are fine with me the way they are…not sure what more they need to do. Now if they came back to me and said they are going to extend Univeseristy drive to Boca Raton over the Loxahachee canal, then ok. But to wastefully spend it with no real projects in mind and increase a bus system that no one believe in, that is not for me.  Sales Tax Increase : VOTE NO!

So there you have it .  The most important issues in this election.  You need to go out and vote and have your voice heard.  I hope you consider my opinion and vote the way I did.

Either way, we wake up on Nov 9 and the sun will be still shining on the country.





Author: HelpMeHoward