Is Congressman Wexler Really Jewish?

By Howard Melamed
September 3 2008:Coral Springs, Florida

It is incredible that in this day and age, people are allowed to get away with venomous opinions that do nothing more than promote hatred.

Yesterday, Sept 2,2008 proved to be the day when the democratic party has reached its all time low and now slithers lower than a snake going through cow manure in a farmer’s field.  Obviously scrambling for something to pin on hopefully the first ever  woman Vice President Sarah Palin,   Congressman Wexler now says she is anti-Semitic.  His reasoning? She wore a Pat Buchannan pin when he visited her.  Does he offer any proof of this? His ‘word’ that he saw it. This is from a man that says he lives in our community but doesn’t .  He also says he is Jewish, but I am questioning this due to lack of substantive proof.  I would like to see his birth certificate, his bar mitzvah document given to him by his Rabbi, and more importantly his circumcision certificate.  How can we believe anything this congressman says without proof?

He claims that Pat Buchanan is anti-Semitic. Is this because Pat dares to criticize Israeli policy? Then what about Jimmy Carter.  Is he anti-Semitic too? Jimmy also goes against Israeli quite often I may add but no one ever says that the Great Democratic Leader is anti-Semitic.

This is all because of Sarah Palin who was picked to run with McCain, in what I would describe as a brilliant move by the republican candidate to one up the democrats.  With little to go on, albeit that Palin was never a front running candidate,  the attack dogs from  Obama’s campaign  go after anything they can.  Namely:

1. The Fact that Palin is a mother of 5. ” How can she be a vice president if she has to fend for her family” they say.  Why didn’t they ask this of Al Gore? Or even Obama? He has a couple of kids , how come no one asked him , “Don’t you think with two young children they need their father at home more often?”

2. The Fact that Palin had put some pressure on the police commissioner to fire her sisters ex-husband.  After looking at the facts, that is, the Husband had a restraining order against him, he had ‘Tazored’  his 10 year old son, and was a battering husband, If I were governor, I would do nothing less than have him fired, even if he wasn’t my sister’s husband. What kind of department would allow such an animal to be employed by the state?

3. The fact that Palin has a teenaged daughter of 17 years old that got pregnant and now has decided to keep the baby rather than seek an abortion.  This I find very difficult to listen to and cringe every time I hear the press talk about it. As a person that believes in the right to choose,  I have to give credit to Palin’s daughter who made the choice. Not chastiser as being a slut, or a go after her mother based on the fact that Palin has a normal American family going through normal American family issues.  What a bunch of lowlife’s do we have in the Democratic Party that would dare go after a mother of 5.  She has one child that has Down’s Syndrome and another growing up quickly and dealing with the facts of life.  Does Joe Biden have the same fortitude?  No one ever questioned whether or not he was able to continue his job after he suffered the catastrophic loss of both his wife and son in a car accident back in 1972.  At the bedside of his two other injured children he received the oath of office and carried out his duties. If anyone should be screaming from the highest points about the latest attack dog campaign it should be Joe Biden.

4. The only legitimate discussion that can be made about Palin is her experience. After all, she is the governor  of Alaska,  too small a state to even think about. After all, it’s Alaska! How many people could be there anyway. Here is the incredible fact. There are more people living in Alaska then living in Vermont, but that never stopped a man by the name of Howard Dean from running for the Democratic party nomination or leading the democratic party.  Again, had Dean been a woman, he would have been questioned on his experience after all, how could someone with such a small state run for office?

So the cards being as they may, Governor Palin is the litmus test for the democrats, who claim to be liberal and turn out to be nothing more than the Good Ol Boys with Wexler as one of Obama’s attack dogs.

That is why I ask the question of whether or not Wexler is really Jewish.  I have seen all of Palin’s credentials.  Where are his? Take them out and let’s see for ourselves.


Author: HelpMeHoward