Congressman Wexler: YOU DON’T LIVE HERE

Wexler to hold Press Conference Coral Springs not to apologize to those he doesn’t represent
By Howard Melamed
August 3, 2008

So the less than honorable Congressman Wexler has decided to try to protect his fiefdom from falling into more than honorable opponents that actually live here.  I bring your attention to the announcement that King Wexler will visit us on Monday to talk about his socialistic viewpoints on medical care.  He obviously wants us all to forget that fact that he doesn’t live here and that he should not be our congressman in Washington.

I am amazed at the tactic to try to get us to like him.  He wants his constituents to say that it is ok that he has bent the rules, that he is a good congressman that should represent us since he is doing such good things for us.  He know says he will do the honest thing and rent an apartment in our neighborhood even though he didn’t for the six terms he told us he was. He really didn’t lie to us.  We never asked him.  That is because anything so stupid as not living in the place you represent would be unfathomable.  But not for Wexler.

So when the ‘easy’ reporters ask him the ‘easy’ questions,  I hope everyone pays attention to what I am writing.  I don’t know where the press conference is being held on Monday.  No one told me and there is no information about it anywhere. I would have at least asked him the hard question. “Congressman: Where do you live?”.  His answer would be ” Not here, but  look at my chocolate that I am giving you”.  Eat well Coral Springs.  The chocolate may not be as sweet as you think.


July 28th 2008

Dear Congressman Robert Wexler:

You do not live in the 19th Congressional District which is partly in Broward County and Palm Beach County.   Since you don’t live here, and haven’t for the past several years, you have no right to represent me and to maintain the congressional seat of my district. From what you have been saying in the press,  you do not understand this fact.  I will try to explain further.

This is not a conspiracy from those dreaded media people at Fox News.  They are right. You live in Maryland. In a nice house not far from where you work. Washington.  I live in Coral Springs. Not far from where I work. Coral Springs.

I do not live with my in-laws and claim that I am living in Maryland, so why do you claim to live with your in-laws in our district?  Are you smart enough to know where you are living? It is not with your mother-in-law.  Who would want to? It is with your wife and 3 kids which live in your nice house in Maryland.

Your kids do not go to Broward country schools like the people living in your district.  Instead they go to fancy shmancy schools near your house, where you live in Maryland.

Isn’t this clear enough ?  You don’t live here.

I know that you claim to live in the 19th district by some sham scheme that you concocted.  It is sort of the same stuff presented to us about the hanging chad. You know: the putz that won the election due to the fact that other putzs did not know how to push a simple pen into a simple hole.  It is the same people that right now still believe that you are living in our district.

After all the pressure that the news media has placed on you, you have now decided to “rent” an apartment in your constituency.  That means of course you agree with me that you have in fact done something wrong.    That is still not living here.  And since you have admitted that you were not living here in the first place,  you may have been illegally elected to office.

You are spending most of your time in your home in Maryland.  You come down to visit us maybe once a month.  You do try to spend more time with us in winters. But the definition of someone that spends part time in South Florida in winter is called a ” Snow Bird”, and not a resident. You could even be Canadian. Maybe they will vote for you next election.  But even in Canada, you need to live in Canada to be elected there.

I understand.   Bill Clinton claimed that technically oral sex was not sex, when he was caught telling a lie.   You claim that technically your are living here but you are not.  Looks like you took his advice.  The difference of course is that technically he was caught with his pants down and you were caught with your pants in Maryland.

Your quest is to come out of this scandal with your head up and continue some good for the Democratic party.   Unfortunately, you think you are above all of your little Broward and Palm Beach county constituents which you claim to represent.

I understand now  why over the past several months you have not returned one of my many calls to your office.  You also decided that it was not important to meet me in Washington and you refused to answer my emails. I was not going to ask where you live.  I wanted to ask about your views on free trade and  whether you can help me in my cause on protecting the public from remote controlled improvised explosive devices.  I wanted to interview as well for this website,, a site well visited by the people that you claim to represent.  It must have been you were too busy racking leaves at your home in Maryland.

The more you cry ‘conspiracy’ and continue to try to convince us that you live in a place where you don’t live, only makes the issue worse and certainly makes you no friends. I think 6 years of deceiving us is enough.  Bow out gracefully before making a bigger ass of yourself.

It not only looks like it, tastes like it and smells like it….it’s it!


Author: HelpMeHoward