Terri Schiavo Dying by Starvation – Give Parents as Much Right as Spouses

Has our country gone insane or is it just me?
Another crazy situation has developed in Florida and the world is looking in on us as if we are all out of our minds.  The current decision by our government to allow the killing of Terry Shiavo goes to show just how far our government will go to look stupid. The concept of having someone actually starve to death is to me inhuman.  IF you are of the belief that the actions are justified by Terry’s husband, then you have to believe that they should have put her to sleep immediately and without any further suffering. We do this with animals and to think that we consider the starving of a human being civilized is despicable. We shoot horses, euthanize pets, and even perform capital punishment sentences by injecting murderers. Why then are we allowing the suffering of another human being by starvation?  Why not go all the way and kill her quickly? That’s not the civilized way people will say.  Having someone starve to death is uncivilized.

Then there is the ‘Husband’ issue.  Terry’s husband has long gone on with his life. The Husband says that Terry told him that she never wanted to live as a vegetable, but has no written proof.  Now I am not sure how this plays with those of commons sense, but,  how does anyone accept without proper proof this statement and then act upon it to end another human beings life?  If there was no paperwork, then, sorry. There should be no killing. The benefit of the doubt should always go to those that want to keep her alive.

Which leads me to Parental Rights: According to what my mom always told me about the differences between a wife and a mother come into play here.  You can always get another wife,  but there is only one mother.  I think this works in reverse as well.  Your child can always marry someone, but no matter who they marry, or divorce they cannot divorce their family. Blood is thicker than water.  Since when does the right of the parents get removed at marriage? Here Terry’s brother, parents, uncles and ants want her to live….yet only the husband has the right to decide? Hold on. Who made these laws and why are they on the books anyway? How about a law that prevents a husband from killing his wife ?

Then there is our Governor, Jeb Bush who says he has done all he can constitutionally.  I do not believe that a governor or for that matter a president cannot find some way to stop this insanity.  How about condemning the hospital she is in forcing them to change venues.  How about declaring Terry a VIP or revoking her citizenship, or drafting her into the armed forces. They can declare her a ward of the state perhaps, Maybe the Bushes can get her moved out of the country.  Surely, the same people that thought of a way to respect the rights of parents by sending Elian Gonzalez to his father in communist Cuba, can be as creative and get Terry turned over to her parents her in the United States.

If Terry is truly in a vegetative state, then what harm would it be to her if her parents continue to look after her.

Just remember, it is the politicians that make the rules. They write the laws, and appoint the judges. They provide laws that protect animals, but none that protect parental rights.

Terry Shaivo will be dead in a week. If she truly does not know what is happening then why the rush?



Author: HelpMeHoward