Dead Alligator in Canal and City Doesn’t Want to Touch it! – by Walley H.

Just another frustrating day trying to get Coral Springs to do something.   This is after living here and paying your high property taxes for twenty years.  My wife spotted a dead alligator in the canal behind our home today.  I called Coral Springs and they referred me to the wildlife commission who said that the city should remove it. Of course the city said no.   So the alligator will rot along with all the garbage in the canal.  I am on the corner of the canal and all the garbage stops here.
This is  not the first time Coral Springs has said do it yourself. About everyone in my community has had problems with raccoons. The city’s response: “Get a private trapper”.  Where are my tax dollars going when the whole city is inundated with pests such as raccoons? ….And the city does nothing!

One final note about the canal behind my home at the 45 hundred block of  NW 113 Terrace.   I called many times about the area between the access road and the canal which is city responsibility. It is a mess and after a minor attempt to clean it  by the city it is still a mess. The response I received about 6 months ago is that it must be put in the city budget and that could  take 5 years. Funny. If I am in violation of a city code, they give me only thirty days…the city gets 5 years!.I don’t expect a response since I do not want to hear any more BULL SHIT!  (editor’s note: Well Said! I am sure you will get a response now…..Hay Roy! Go get’um)


Author: HelpMeHoward