Commissioners Squabble

Polin Versus Brook

by Howard Melamed

04/11/02  First Draft

At the last city commission meeting the audience of 2 people were woken up to what is going to prove to be an interesting match up of two city commissioners with obviously different agendas. Scott Brook was recently elected to office by defeating Bill Straddling last month. He made it a point during the campaign to show that he was not like the other city commissioners. He was the new kid on the block, with new ideas and maybe some new energy. One thing is certain is that he has a completely different point of view compared to the other 4 commissioners. As a result he is also being targeted by Commissioner Polin. It is almost like a boxing match. Polin Versus Brook.

Commissioner Polin has been around since the ice age. He was one of the city commissioners that decided to ignore a referendum passed by the citizens of Coral Springs concerning term limits. He voted himself an extend stay in office. He has served more than double the time a commissioner is allowed to serve. Polin voted for a term limit law, then exempted himself from it. So it was no wonder that this “City Commissioner for Life” decided at the last city commission meeting  to let everyone know about his personal agenda for the city commission for the next 2 years.

First, Polin wants the  citizens of Coral Springs to pay for his health care. He was the one that brought in legislation that gave City Commissioners, part time employees that serve more than 5 years in office similar benefits as the fully paid city employees.  He as served more than 12 years in office. He has a pension plan and benefits greater than   our paid full time fire fighters.

Second he wants the city of Coral Springs to change the March 2004 election date to November 2004. He says it will translate into better turn outs to the elections. Maybe, it is to give himself another 6 months in office. (I knew he would find a way to extend his stay once more).

Commissioner Scott Brook on the other hand has quite a different opinion of the way things should operate. He stated that he was uncomfortable discussing in any way city commissioner’s health plan and pension not only because he has just been elected, but because the fire fighters of our city do not have one. So he instructed the city manager to provide him with more information concerning the Fire Fighters and their benefits. That’s when Polin decided to let everyone know what his other agenda item was: Keep Scott Brook out of the picture.

Polin decided to try to prevent Brook from acquiring any form of knowledge from the city manager by saying that unless the commission as a whole requests the information, no one city commissioner should have the information. He went on to add that the city staff should not be spending their time in providing information to one commissioners. Of course, Polin has never ever asked the city manager to provide him with any information during the 135 or so years that he has been in office. Or has he?

Brook sat there quite and complacent. He had just taken one of Polins best punches to the chin, and found out that it was no different than getting hit in the face with a wet spaghetti noodle. It didn’t hurt. All he had to do was wash off the sauce.

Round one goes to Brook. Round 2 is scheduled to begin next city commissioner meeting.  There are fun times ahead and it is about time!


Author: HelpMeHoward