Parkland Mayors: Horses or Horse’s Asses A look at the race for Mayor of Parkland

Many people have said that Coral Springs should annex their neighbor to the north, Parkland, and be done with them.  No sooner than this thought leaves peoples mind and along comes the mare (mayor)  horse race, pardon the pun to prove once again that common sense isn’t common anymore.

It is not that everyone in Parkland is rich with big houses, low property taxes and the ability to ride a horse any where you want. It is instead the pettiness of the individuals that are involved in the local politics that makes most of them horses asses.  Is there nothing else that can be done with their time?  What about a yard sale for charity, or even let’s feed the homeless, which there are none, thanks to the diligent efforts of the Broward County Sheriff department which replaced the city police force last year.  Parkland politicians did that to save money, again odd for a place that has an average home value of $950,000, and no fire department.

Mayor Robert MarksamberThe existing lineup of candidates for mayor would best fill a Fox television show seen of course during prime time.  The incumbent, Mayor Bob Marks ( picture left)  is running even though he is under criminal investigation for failing to recuse himself from voting on issues that helped a developer whom he is reportedly said to have business ties with.  Now along comes his wife, Carolyn Marks ( picture right) and puts her name as a candidate for mayor.  The arrogance of the Marks clan is incredible if not absolutely vile to say the least.  She had actually come out with a statement indicating that if her husband get’s indicted, then at least the family name of Marks will still be on the ballot as if the name Marks really means anything.  When family members are prosecuted criminally, most other family members elect to change their names. A travesty to the election process, it is going to be quite odd with no hanging chad on this ballot to see how their friends and family will vote! A vote for one is against the other etc, certainly their kids ( if they haven’t disowned them by now) will have as much trouble voting for either one as would be picking which parent you want to live with in a divorce! The Horses Ass award obviously goes to not only Bob Marks for not handling the scandal properly that he is obviously involved in but his wife as well.  Queen Carolyn was quote as saying “let them eat cake!”. It is not cake the constituents are eating. What a TV show!

Commissioner Michael Udine However, there is a bright horse in the running, Michael Udine (picture left). He is currently a city  commissioner obviously impassioned with the issues involving his municipality and too young to have any of the baggage that the Marks clan displays.  He is from the old school of politics whereby he votes his conscious on issues that present themselves at the commission, with a disregard for some of the pompous assholes that treat their city as if it were the only place on earth.

So its Udine for Mayor.  If not, when the dust settles the City of Coral Springs  can always make an offer to each Parkland resident to join Coral Springs, a true city that has a police force, fire department, and reasonable politicians. Most would gladly accept if it not for the part that they actually have to pay for the services they get. Or, on the other hand, if one of the Marks wins, we can rename Parkland to Putzland, and they then can keep their horses, asses and all.


Author: HelpMeHoward