Governor DiSantis Is LYING ! 10 Days to Find Out You Have COVID-19 Will Not Help Lower the Pandemic

Governor Disantis is simply lying to all of us when he says that there are enough tests and that all is being done to rid us of Covid-19. While there is a lot of testing going on, free of charge and there are many test sites. People are waiting in long lines, sometimes hours and it is taking 7 to 10 days to get the results. Testing is both taking the sample and getting the result – on time where it can do some good.

I know of 2 people that had all the signs and symptoms of COvid-19 , took the test only to wait 10 days to be told they have it. Good thing they didn’t wait, and quarantined themselves. How about those people that are asymptomatic and want to do the right thing to get tested? 10 days later they have infected hundreds of people. They all have the ‘Apps’ and ‘Website” to log onto , but the results are not posted within a reasonable time. It’s no wonder Florida is at the top of the list in cases and deaths in the United States.

They all have the ‘Apps’ and ‘Website” to log onto , but the results are not posted within a reasonable time.

This did not need to happen. Disantis had plenty of time to prepare Florida for the onslaught of the pandemic. New York Governor Cuomo screamed at the top of is lungs that testing and contact tracing are needed to stop the pandemic. He has brought his state under control. Instead of doing his job in protecting every citizens, Governor Disantis, a Trump wanna-be , is towing the line , not mandating masks. He never had in place a solid plan ready to go. Instead, more cases per day, more people hospitalized, and increasing deaths daily make us the ground zero of the pandemic.

People are getting infected and it is spreading uncontrolled, and Disantis is walking around telling people not to believe what they are experiencing. All of the people getting sick and those that are dying are on his watch and are his responsibility. China, Trump, Disantis. Blame all of them.

This is a disaster and Governor DiSantis is lying to all of us when he says there is testing and we have everything under control. We now have protesters calling him out at his planned news conferences. “Liar” they are screaming at him, and we all should be doing the same.

Some words of stupidity spoken by our Governor in the past few months:

“Our ability to test exceeds the current demand,’’ April 28 at the White House with Donald Trump.

Hay Desantis – Now Current demand exceeds Laboratory capability.

“We had kids in these spring sports who were deprived of some of their senior seasons. To be deprived of a season is a big problem. … I think there will be a lot of momentum to make sure that we have our kids being able to play this fall.” May 29

There is a lot of momentum – on the side of people being infected by the Covid-19 virus. Which would you rather have ? Healthy Children or Football ? Choose 1.

 “We’re going to continue to put out the guidance and we’re going to trust people to make good judgment decisions.” – June 24th

Look where we are now,that you trusting only the GOOD people. It was the BAD people that went to bars , ate at restaurants and took your lead in not wearing masks! We trusted you, and where did that get us?

“That is a significant jump from where we were a month and a half ago,” DeSantis said Saturday during a press conference in St. Augustine. “So there’s a bigger pool of people who have the antibody.” July 18th .

The Significant jump means nothing since no one knows if the antibodies work and how come you don’t tell the truth about how many people were tested ? Very few!

“There’s a lot of parents who’ve seen a regression in academics and have seen their kids miss some of the great things about being in school,” July 19

There are a lot more parents that don’t want their children infected, Parents infected and Teachers infects. This is a deadly disease.

Author: HelpMeHoward