Whenever any politician, like Governor Disantis or President Donald Trump talk about the amazing amount of tests we have done, they are not telling you that the results are coming back too late to matter. This is exactly the case, from experience in Coral Springs, where testing is being performed on behalf of the State of Florida at a number of facilities by various contractors.

As an example, people being tested at the State of Florida Testing Tent located at the Publix Shopping center on the corner of Sample and Coral Ridge drive are getting their results 2 weeks later. I know of one person that after 2 weeks still did not get their results back. Two other people that had the Covid 19 symptoms and went to this site to get tested. They needed to know right away if they had Covid-19, since they live with family and work in the corporate park. They immediately went into quarantine, isolating themselves from their families. It took 13 days to have the State of Florida tell them that they have Covid-19. Several others, including their family members may have come in contact with these people went to get tested and are still waiting almost two weeks later. They are not showing any symptoms, and now , the test is useless.

There is no reason at all to get tested if you cannot get the results within a few days. Two weeks later, and if you are asymptomatic, you are contagious without knowing it and you are infecting everyone around you. Forget about contact tracing, and forget about controlling this Pandemic.

This situation has been brought about by Governor DiSantis denial of science who is also a supporter of Donald Trump, the President, and also a denier of science. They have failed in protecting us.

State of Florida testing site – Coral Ridge Dr. and Sample Rd – Waste of Time.

If you are into conspiracy theories, how about this one : Do thousands and thousands of tests, so many that the tests overwhelm the laboratory that need to process them. Have the tests come in so late, that the people decide that the testing is not working so why bother. Less people go to get tested, and the amount of people that test Positive decline.

However, the Virus continues to ravage our community , but perception makes everyone feel better – which in turn make the President and the Republicans more electable. Disantis and Trump do not care how many people will die from Covid 19 . They only care that people are not focused on the deaths or infections . Hiding the results, preventing people from getting results on time, tell us that they are either doing this on purpose or they are completely incompetent.

The Republicans want you to focus on Seattle , or that Wall, or A.O.C, since people dying is going to hurt them in November’s election.

Disantis and Trump should be held responsible for the pain and suffering and death they have and are inflicting on the people, and be held accountable. Your life and mine are expendable to them.

Wear the masks, wash your hands, and keep social distancing. Also, don’t go to bars and eat inside restaurants – Unless you are invited by Governor DiSantis or President Trump or course.

Author: HelpMeHoward