Reform Immigration Laws To Make Easy To Do it Legally

I am an immigrant to this great country of ours, and one that has entered this country legally and followed all of the rules. In the year 2000 I became a US Citizen, again following all of the rules. I waited my turn, and although there are many people that get a free ticket to the front of the line, there are literally millions of people who have paid their $350 and are waiting patiently for the INS to issue them a visa to enter the United States.  We do not need a free ticket for those that simply decided to butt in to the front of the line illegally, but rather reform the immigration laws that would speed up entry into the United States legally.

Most citizens of this country would have no idea as to the bureaucracy that exists for an immigrant. Besides the numerous rules and regulations, the INS is consumed with red tape and no willingness to move quicker then a snail.  When you apply for immigration to the US you are bluntly told that you are going to wait a long time, sometimes as much as 5 years before your case will even be reviewed.  Many times they lose the paperwork and you have to resubmit. You become frustrated with a system that will allow illegal immigrants to enter the country, work here, and obtain all of the benefits. Yet, there you are, doing it by the book to insure a better life for your family. Mp wonder 12 million people are here illegally since legally sometimes gets you no where.

To add insult to injury, you find out that the INS has a lottery program, where you simply enter your name only if you are lucky enough to live in any other country other than Canada, or the United Kingdom ( hostile nations no doubt). All you have to do is fill out a form. 3% of the applicants get into this country immediately, bypassing all of those poor souls that didn’t win. It is a big game . It is a big joke.

It is a big game to our Politian that passed a law for Cubans that are trying to flee their country. The game is that if you make it to shore before the US Coast Guard catches you, then you win. Get caught and you get sent back to hell back to Cuba. A game played out everyday. Americans you see like a good game.

There is no reason in the world that we cannot process applications for immigration in a quick fashion. It also needs to be fair.  If you are Haitian you really have no choice but to try to enter this country illegally, as it seems that blacks are not as welcome as other minorities. And if you are willing to contribute something to this country, you are given the cold shoulder as well.  I know someone that after  years finally got the green card he applied for even though he invested money in a business and employees more than 10 people. It makes no sense, but , understandably makes perfect sense to those that understand government bureaucracy. 

Here are a few suggestions that I have for our government to reform the immigration act.

1. Add more staff to process applications. It is tragedy that we keep family member from uniting with citizens of this country.  More people means faster processing. We need to turnaround applications within a week after they are submitted and not 7 years in some cases.

2. Make it fair for all people that want to immigrate to this country.  It should not be based on a particular country, or color, or religion. Everyone should be treated equally. Isn’t that what our country is supposed to be about?

3.  We need to examine the type of jobs that are being given out to illegal immigrants. If it requires an illegal immigrant to do it,   ask yourself why an American doesn’t want to do that job. Simply put, illegal immigrants are working for less money and no benefits. When they get injured there is no Workman’s compensation.  You want farm workers, then build it into the immigration law, and make it so that the permit can  be obtained quickly.

4. For those that are here illegally,  once the law is reformed and it is easier to come in to the united states without the long procedures currency in place, they can  apply, just like everyone else. If they are here, and they have committed no crime other than being here illegally, there is nor reason for them to leave. they should fill out the form, and get processed as quickly as everyone else.  If the processing is quick, then those that have applied before in a legal manner, and those that now apply will all be given a speedy review. Sure they should be placed at the back of the line, but again there is no reason by the line cannot be a fast moving one/ I do not believe that they should be thrown out as they are victims of a harsh immigration law provides them no relief from their suffering.  However, once the new immigration law gets passed, and it is easier to get into the united states, there is no excuse for entering illegally. It should then be a crime.

This is truly a compassionate country, and there really no reason to assume that 12 million people that are here illegally are all criminals. We always work by the principle innocent until proven guilty and if their only crime that they have committed is to contravene a inhumane immigration law.

We need an immigration law that can be respected and not laughed at. We need a law that treats people with respect.  Once in place, there is no excuse for being here illegally.  Until a fair and impartial law is brought forward we cannot expect anyone here illegally to want to be here legally.



Author: HelpMeHoward