Garbage In Garbage Out

City – Southern Sanitation Deal, Garbage!

by Andy Kasten Cub Reporter and Gadfly

I know that this will come as a total shock to you but……..I have lived in Coral Springs since 1996 and have always owned a home with sanitation service provided by Southern Sanitation.

I have always paid for this service on my own. As you know our costs for this are now included in our tax bill. What a wonderful thing………NOT!!!

Recently, on our regular garbage pickup day, guess  what…..

No garbage pick up from our entire community. When we called Southern Sanitation guess what they were not in since their offices are closed after 5:00 during the week and not on the weekends. In any case our garbage was picked up on Monday morning, however, the story was that due to the large build up of garbage they are not allowed to pickup after 7:00pm and that they were running late that day so they had to stop pick up.

 INCREDIBLE!!!! This never happened when I was paying for this service on my own…but of course now that this is included in my tax bill I can do nothing, I can’t withhold any money for non-service, can’t dispute this and ask for a discount or some sort of dispensation. Can someone explain how this is supposed to be better for me????

Just thought you would like to know!


Author: HelpMeHoward