POLICE FORCED TO TICKET CORAL RESIDENTS Secret Policy of Police Department requires 3 tickets per shift per officer


( editor’s note: CSPDCOP is unknown to us, but other sources within the police department have not denied what is written below. We went with the story. Hay, this is better than anything that Dan Rather ever gets!….)

We at the PD are told over and over that our department is not “stat driven”. “We have no monthly quota”.

A recent memo orders all sergeants to review their officers’ stats and to have them show an increase. This translates to Coral Springs residents as more traffic tickets, more parking tickets (which was just increased $2.50 per violation), and more city ordinance tickets. There is no mention of an increase in arrests (catching bad guys). The Command Staff continues this push us to “tax” more from our citizens. Prepare for the pinch.

Several months ago the CSPD instituted a new policy ordering all patrol officers to make two traffic stops per shift. At first it was expected, though not written, that officers would write tickets on each stop. As far as we can tell, this leaked and the admin backed away from this. This week we were told that beginning Oct 1st. We will now be expected to make three traffic stops per shift.  Make no mistake about it. The city keeps a percentage from each traffic ticket written.

There is absolutely no incentive or pressure for officers to make arrests. The PD does not care if an officer brings in 20 honest to goodness criminals in a month or none at all. If an officer fails to write any parking tickets or traffic tickets, well then his supervisor is disciplined and that rolls in turn down to the patrolman. We are pressured daily to fine as much money as possible from our citizens.  Get ready to feel the pinch.

Police Department Lack of Hurricane Preparedness.

During Hurricane Frances ( and Jeanne ?)  the police dept ordered officers to stay at shelters set up in city schools (not listed for or offered to city residents), even when off duty, disciplining officers who left those shelters to check on their families or, as in one case to be with his pregnant wife who was in the hospital. Through the entire weekend the PD provided no provisions for sleeping, expecting us to sleep on the filthy tile floors, and no food or water for any of its officers. The police officers received more water from kind citizens than from our PD.

After Frances hit, several intersections were without traffic signals. CSPD had barely enough traffic cones, not a single portable stop sign, no extra glowing traffic wands, and absolutely no traffic flares to use to control these intersections. NO TRAFFIC FLARES!!! The PD had to call Coconut Creek to borrow several boxes of flares. All of the money paid in taxes in this city and the police dept has not a single traffic flare…where is the $$$$ going?


Finally, Chief Arigo has sold his home and moved out of the city to the gulf coast. He has no residence here in Coral Springs and commutes from Naples.
Sounds like a good way to run a police department doesn’t it? Coral Springs is not safe enough of a place to live work and raise your family…..for Roy.


Author: HelpMeHoward