Obama’s Stimulus Package: It will Never Work!

The Better way is to give back 25% of the taxes Americans paid last year to spend!

by Howard Melamed

Now that our elected officials have passed the 800 billion or so stimulus package ( which they didn’t read) I decided to actually read it.  This ain’t going to work.     We need buyers! The best ones are those that have been paying the taxes. Give them back 25% of what they gave and get them to spend it!

Doesn’t anyone get it?

The 800 billion dollars is to be spent on high quality jobs like the Construction Industry.  When electrical engineers, and computer experts, including high quality jobs at IBM, Sony etc, are losing their jobs at a record rate, what is the governments answer?  Put them to work in Construction jobs building roads?  What is this, the 1850’s when skilled workers would drop their professions and start working on the road gang?   I am not sure if you are getting this, but the majority of construction workers are not the college graduate type that are losing their jobs in droves.  In our area of the world, most of the construction industry employs illegal immigrants, and have a hard time in meeting the demand of the jobs themselves.  So the way we need to solve the problem is not by building roads where a computer scientist will start learning how to lay asphalt.  I understand,  with more roads being built more computers are going to be needed.  The only computers that will be needed, will be those that are being chopped up and used as filler material for the asphalt being laid.  I am not sure which roads they will be building, but it would be nice to make the I-95  a little bigger , and the Sawgrass Expressway a little nicer. Doesn’t this just translate into a little work?

This whole stimulus package quite frankly is nothing but a sham made to remove tax payer dollars to those that either didn’t pay taxes, or have special interest groups being rewarded for voting democrat. Don’t you get it?  We don’t need more money for banks that got us into this mess by their poor lending policies.  I don’t need to be lent more money, since I have to pay this money back.  All they are lending is the money I gave the government in taxes to start off with. My money!  Now they are giving it to the banks to lend me.  I need to pay that money back!  What I need are buyers for products that my company and others in the United States make. BUYERS not borrowers!  I understand, the politicians want you to believe that by lending more money out, and then the buyers will borrow and buy my products.  Isn’t’ that what got us in this mess to start off with?  Too much credit cards and too easy borrowing policies?  How come they don’t get it?

The previous administration gave away a trillion dollars to banks, the car companies and the like and not one job was saved because of it.  When GM got their share of the billions, they laid off 48,000 workers. They are now asking for more money since more people are not buying.  We all knew that they will be coming back for more money. All they are doing is borrowing. We need buyers not borrowers! Why doesn’t anyone get this?

Most companies that receive the money hoarded it, and others decided that they were making less profit…not losing money…and they laid more people off.   The same people that got us into this mess, the economists are telling us how to get out of it.   How come no one gets this?

What we really need here, before they mortgage our kids children’s future is some common sense.  What we need is a better plan, and I know I have it.  The only question is, whether or not anyone will listen. Here the plan:  We give taxpayers back 25% of the taxes they paid last year in the form of a funded debit card.  The taxpayers then have to spend this money by December 31 of this year, in the United States, or they lose the balance. This plan is fantastic.  It gets people to start spending.  Taxes to the local and state governments are still charged, so the more that people buy the more taxes the local and state governments get.

GM Ford and Chrysler would benefit, since they could offer an additional 10% off the car if you use the debit card to buy their car.   Business would flourish since people have to start buying!   Of course this does not give money to those people that would not have bought anything to start off with…The people that didn’t pay any taxes.  If you are going to give away the taxpayers money anyway, you might as well give it back to them to spend!   The debit card can be administered by Visa MasterCard or Amex, based on the low bidder of course.   Unfortunately, there goes another trillion dollars flushed down the drain and more and more jobs will be lost.

Mark my words.  This current plan proposed will do absolutely nothing to stimulate the economy.   Instead, we will be paying for this Pork and Hog bill 100 years into the future, when all of the people that decided to blow this money are long gone.

Why doesn’t anyone get this?


Author: HelpMeHoward