From the WTF Department: Governor DiSantis Spits Out More Nonsense While More People Die From COVID -19

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in. sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves. ” – Matthew 7:15

Just when you think that it can’t get any more crazy along comes Governor DiSantis spewing more nonsense. Not one life is being saved and quite frankly it’s become both embarrassing and scary with stuff coming out of his mouth that I am sure is even shaking the head of the Almighty. 

How else can you put this ?

Right now, as we speak, if you go get a test on COVID-19 you are waiting in a line of 100 or so people, and the test result is not getting back to you for 7 to 10 days. That is right. By that time you have infected at least another 40 people and guess what….. Science is right! Look at the daily numbers and the deaths that will come as a result. Disantis is doing NOTHING to stop this pandemic. It’s getting worse and we are at record numbers for people that have covid-19. Worse, he is following a madman that tells everyone to go out into crowds and even invites them to his political rally.

DiSantis said something pretty stupid and many of his supporters let it fly.

” If you can go to Walmart or Home Depot , Your Kids Can go to school “


Who is writing his material or is he just saying this stuff off the top of his head ?

This was on Disantis Twitter page in April – Bragging about how he has everything under control

Same deal with him and the President of the USA , the one that has all of his followers drinking his Kool Aid of ” the reason there are so many COVID-19 cases is because we are doing more testing.

FOX News , the propaganda broadcast of Trump’s 4th Reich movement, pushes this nonsense. I know people that come to me and say ” Yep – Must be the testing ” Where did they learn this faulty logic and who are these people that believe these false prophets? Goofy?

Good thing Trump and DiSantis were not in power during WW2 . Could you imagine them and Fox News telling everyone that the reason there are so many nazi’s fighting us is because we took pictures of them fighting us. Less Pictures, Less Nazis – Problem solved. Let’s do lunch.


So let’s expand the sayings – let me provide some additional stupidity to the brainless idiots ( I hope I am not being too too harsh) at no charge with the hope the smart people can have a good laugh in this time of intense lack of leadership.

To refresh your memory of what DiSantis said :

” If you can go to Walmart and to Home Depot – you can go to school”

Here is the new material he can freely use that makes as much sense :

” If you can pick your nose, and you can pick your friends, that means you can pick your Friends nose.”

” If I gave you a dollar to jump off a cliff, and gave you a dollar to jump into the lake, you will have 2 dollars to buy some ice cream “

” Wood Floats, and Witches are made of Wood, then Witches must float too” ( Monty Python)

“If you have one idiot politician with 1/2 brain listening to another idiot politician with the other half, You have an increase chance at winning the lotto”

“If apples are good for your teeth, and carrots good for your eyes , then a fat will reduce your cholesterol. “

“If most of the cases of Covid were found to be in nursing homes, and nursing homes serve chinese food, then close the nursing homes and the virus will be gone”

“If the population infection rate of Covid-19 is going up , and my ratings are going down, the math says we have everything under control “

If you have more sayings you like to see, then go to the forum and post .

How dumb can DiSantis get?

We live in dangerous times. We should expect that the President and our Governor should be focusing all of their time and effort in trying to save lives and shame on you if you accept otherwise.

Below is Governor Disantis Emergency Stay at Home Orders, that make more sense then anything the comes out of his mouth :

Author: HelpMeHoward