Coral Springs Company & Citizen On National News

MSNBC and FOX carry Live Broadcast of Howard Melamed of  CellAntenna Corporation

Story and Pictures by Renata Schluss

Howard Melamed Live at NBC 6 in Miramar

Coral Springs FL  July 17 2005 : Howard Melamed of CEO of CellAntenna Corporation was interviewed this week by both MSNBC and FOX, with both interviews carried nationwide.  As an expert in Cellular Communication, he provided his viewpoint on the dangers of cell phones being used by terrorists. Howard is a citizen of Coral Springs and ran for city commissioner last March.

CellAntenna Corporation ( is a company that provides repeater systems solving cell phone communication problems indoors. They also provide jamming equipment used by government organizations.  They also have offices in London England, but the headquarters are here in Coral Springs.

Howard Melamed at Fox News Studios prior to interview

Fox and Friends on Monday July 18th carried the 3 minute interview live to all of their affiliates.  He was interviewed by Steve Doocy and Tikki Barber a football player, who was a guest host on the show.  The live telecast took place at the Fox News bureau located in Miami opposite the Channel 7 news station on 79 street. 

The following  day, Amy Robach of MSNBC New York, took up the story and a live broadcast was seen coming from the NBC Channel 6 / Telemondo 51 studios located in Miramar. 

During the past week, Howard has been interviewed by various radio stations and newspapers access the country. This was being done after the London bombings and the word got out that some of the cities in the United States had shut down cell phone communication in tunnels.  Howard spoke on using cell phones as triggering devices to remote detonate bombs and what can be done to counter this terror threat. 

Howard was heard on Tuesday  July 12th live broadcast at KDKA-AM Radio Pittsburgh and with WKIS-FM Radio Miami on Coffey In The Morning with Terry and Staci Coffey. On Friday July 15th CNNRadio did a taped interview which was also heard around the country.   The CBSNews article can be seen by clicking here.   Jeff Levy of WSRadio had a discussion broadcast on Sunday July 17th. 

“Looks like my experience in running for City Commissioner last year came in handy ” Howard said. ” It provided me with some idea of how the news media works, and how to handle yourself on TV”.

The MSNBC interview can be seen at the following link .   A simple search on Howard Melamed on Google will provide you with other articles including the CBSNews interview as well.

Howard Melamed will be in Los Angeles in August for a taping with KTLA television and also KADL-TV. 

As far as autographs, Howard is quite frank when he says “Hay, it’s only a TV interview…….if you want an autograph, get it from someone famous….”.


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