Cuba: The Embargo For or Against?

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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present a point of view that is important to all of the Cuban Americans living in Florida, and in other parts of the country.  I was a political prisoner in Cuba and suffered dearly at the hands of the Castro Regime. It was not easy to survive in his prisons, and often I was beaten. How I escaped and came to America is another matter.  My point of view is my personal opinion and is based on my experience with events currently developing in Cuba.The embargo is an important tool in dealing with Castro.  By denying him access to American products forces Castro to obtain these goods elsewhere at a higher cost.  More importantly by not trading with Cuba, it denies Castro the ability to obtain American dollars in large quantities to stabilize his communist government. This is vitally important to placing pressure on the daily activates of the government , and has held a grasp on him since it was imposed.  He has been unable to expand his rhetoric beyond his borders and a once thriving communist political machine has come to a rapid halt. Certainly there are other countries willing to pick up the slack, including Germany, Italy, Canada and France, but there is no country on the face of the earth like one that sits 90 miles from its shores, the United States. 

The embargo has forced hardships on the Cuban people and certainly has taken its toll. However, freedom of oppression and democracy has never evolved peacefully and all to often sacrifices must be made in order that other may benefit.

I recognize the suffering of my brothers in Cuba that are left behind to fend for themselves and are not as fortunate as I am. However, by releasing the embargo does not necessarily guarantee that it will be felt by the people of Cuba. History has shown us that Castro lives well while his people suffer. By allowing him access to American goods only allows  his corrupt government to maintain their status and suppress the people. It will also give him more fuel for his propaganda machine, where he can claim victory against the United States.

Eventually, Castro will either die or he will have to ease his hold on the people to comply with the United States wishes.  Either way the Cuban people will see good times ahead. Until then, they must be patient and they must endure. It is for the good of many generations of children to come that the Cuban people sacrifice themselves.  I look forward to that great day when the people of Cuba can rejoice in their freedom and that Castro is brought to justice, whether before a court on this earth or God in heaven.

Thank you again for the opportunity to allow me to express my point of view. -J.D.

  It is obvious the Cuban Embargo is not working, it has not reformed the communist state to our way of thinking and what we describe as a Democracy. I do not agree with the system of government on the island but who are we to tell the world how to govern themselves. there are close to 11 million Cubans in Cuba who must determine what kind of government they want. Us starving them to death is not going to change the system one iota, they must do that on their own. I believe lifting the embargo and letting American investment in the island state will go a lot further in bettering the lives of the people there then what we are presently doing. I understand the sentiment of the Cuban exiled community, but they also have to put their well founded hatred of Castro and communism aside and let the free enterprise system do it’s work, the ruthless system will collapse under it’s own inadequate weight, the people will get fed up as has happened in other totalitarian states, I say let’s support the people who want change in and out of the island and silence those who want change via strangulation of the victim, in this case the long suffered Cuban people. -RZ

Currently the Cuban people are suffering.  There is no comparison between where we live here in Florida to the towns and villages of Cuba one hundred miles to the south. Recently I boarded a plane to Cuba where I was able to visit with my relatives.  I was disheartened and ashamed to see the injustice that is going on there and that the United States has a deep role in its making. 

Please Imagine  that every so often a government employee comes to your house and weighs your child. If the weight of the child isn’t up to government standards, you get a fine or are even put into jail. The Government says that  You are not feeding your child enough. You cannot feed your children the food that they need because there is none as a result of the embargo, or you do not have the money to pay for it. You see, the average Cuban worker makes only $6.00 a week. Most of the time, the only food that they receive is what the Government feeds them. Most of the time, the government feeds them nothing.

In order to obtain the money that is needed for their families all to often  young Cuban girls must sacrifice their sanctity  go out and sell there bodies. The boys have learned how to steal, and a whole generation is now growing up with no moral values. However, while all of this is going on, the one message that is constantly pumped into their brains is that the United State and their  Embargo is at fault. Castro tells them that is why you cannot eat. “That is why your children go hungry and do not have the medicine they need. It is the US devils.”  And they believe the propaganda. For they are hungry and desolate.  They are easily brainwashed. Castro is winning and the United States is helping by continuing the Embargo.

How can we trade with Communist Vietnam, a country that killed more than 50,000 Americans, and impose such hardship to Cuba, a country off of our shores that has killed no Americans?  My brothers here in Florida have their minds clouded and have influenced the United States Government through powerful friends and lobby groups. They have in fact supported a wrong  policy for 40 years through 6 US presidents that has not succeeded in removing Castor nor in changing the plight of the Cuban people.  It is time to try something else. It is time to lift the Embargo.  –  E.G.

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