Heroes of Coral Springs: School Student , Bellsouth Employee, Fire Department combined effort saves life

On a Sunday afternoon on the 18th of March in the parking lot of Coral Square Mall,  a high school student, a Bellsouth employee and the Coral Springs Fire/Rescue Department worked together to save a life.  Peter DiBenedetto is glad they did. It was his life they saved.

Jenna Linden, a Douglas High school student was dropped off at the mall for a day of shopping. Her mom gave her a cell phone so she could call her to pick her up  when she was ready. That cell phone and the training Jenna received from Mrs. Griffin at Douglas High School came in very handy this Sunday afternoon. As Jenna was walking by an exit at JC Penney’s she heard a mother’s cry for help. That cry turned out to be from Josephine, mother of 40 year old Peter DiBenedetto, who had collapsed in the parking lot . Jenna wasted no time and sprung into action and went to his aid.  Her Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training that she received in school  helped her determine that Peter’s heart had stopped. He was in full cardiac arrest!  She immediately began CPR.  Jenna continued CPR while someone used her mom’s phone to call 911.  The Coral Springs Fire Rescue Department was on the way.

Lynn and Terry Hall were in the same parking lot when they heard cries for help.  They ran over to see what was the trouble and saw Jenna performing CPR.   Lynn, a Bellsouth Employee was given a course in CPR by her company. Lynn took over from Jenna.  They soon began to notice that a natural color was returning to Peter’s face.  It was working! They continued until Engine 64 and Rescue 64  manned by Jerald Gross, Andre DuCille,  Rob Lubinger, Mike Matonak, and Mike Segal arrived on the scene. They took over from Lynn and Jenna, and immediately gave Peter  advanced cardiac life support treatment.  Peter was transported to the hospital. His life was saved!

As a result of their combined efforts Peter was able to thank them all at the City Commission meeting of April 17 where the entire gang was honored.  These people are true heroes that the City of Coral Springs can be proud of!

Author: HelpMeHoward